Athaivida Rahasyam (1978)

 ●  Tamil ● Running Time: TBA

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Embedded with social relevance and intense emotions, this contemporary woman-centric drama depicts the twists and turns in the life of two best friends, Selva and Manju, who are medical college students. While their closeness is a cause for jealousy amidst their fellow students, they have diametrically different personalities. Selva is bold and outgoing, but has a bad reputation amongst peers for disappearing from college on mysterious tasks, and throwing money about. Manju, on the other hand is extremely traditional and very religious. In a twist of fate, when Manju gets into a deep financial crisis, the only option left to her is to pose nude for a renowned painter, in return for immediate cash that would allow her to complete her medical studies. In desperation, she agrees to do so, after being reassured that the paintings would be exported and sold abroad, never to be viewed in India. In the long run, will Manju's decision prove to be a practical one or will it come back to haunt her? How will the future of these two women pan out?

Crew: K Shankar (Director)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1978 (India)

Tamil Name: அதைவிட ரஹஅச்யம்

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