Apaharan (2005)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 55 mins

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Ajay lives with his stern, honest, disciplinarian and Gandhian widowed father, Prof. (retd.) Raghuvansh Shastri. Ajay works as a salesman, but soon finds himself out of work. He applies for a position with the Police, but is turned down, even though he always makes it to the merit list. Finally he borrows 5 lakh rupees to bribe his way on the merit list, & soon his name is shown on the shortlist. Just before his selection, major differences crop up between Home Minister Dinkar Pandey and his dad, with the later threatening to expose the corruption within the State Ministry. Dinkar ensures that Ajay's name is dropped from the shortlist, and the money-lender sends his goons after him, giving him 3 days to come up with the money. A desperate Ajay decides to be part of the lucrative kidnapping scheme in Bihar, abducts a Government official and demands a ransom so that he can re-pay his loan. Unfortunately, this Government official was under the protection of underworld Don, Gaya Singh, who carries out his operation from prison. When it is discovered that Gaya is involved, the abduction goes awry, with Ajay being arrested by the police, held in a cell, where he is severely beaten and humiliated by Gaya Singh. Ajay is discharged from custody when no one identifies him. Ajay is enraged, frustrated with his life, and he decides to take kidnap another government official. This official was on the list to be kidnapped by Gaya Singh, under instructions from corrupt MLA Tabrez Alam. When Gaya finds out that Ajay is behind this kidnapping, he locates and decides to kill him, a tussle ensues which results in Gaya's death. Ajay then takes over from Gaya and is accepted with open arms by Tabrez and his men. What Ajay does not know is that Tabrez is a ruthless man, who has killed his very own nephew, the son of his brother, Usman Alam, when he became an informant for the police. When Ajay's popularity grows, he is invited by Dinkar to join forces with him, as everyone from a lowly Police Constable to the Home Minister gets a share in the ransom money. Ajay refuses, however, Tabrez is misinformed about this and thinks that Ajay is against him. Now Ajay finds himself alone, as even his father has forsaken him. The girl he hoped to marry, Megha, no longer cares for him, and the police want him dead or alive - that is if he can escape from the clutches of Usman and Tabrez first.
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Cast: Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Nana Patekar

Crew: Prakash Jha (Director), Arvind K (Director of Photography), Wayne Sharpe (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 02 Dec 2005 (India)

Hindi Name: अपहरण

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Did you know? Lara Dutta was offered the film but turned it down. Read More
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as Ajay Shastri
as Megha Basu
as Tabrez Alam
as Brijnath Mishra
as Naga
as Akash Ranjan
as Prasad
Supporting Actress
as Kashinath
as Jagannath Mandal
as Dinkar Pandey
as Daya Shankar
as DSP Shukla
as Salim Khan
as Kamal Kishore
as Yashpal Yadav
as Bankalal
as Professor Raghuvansh Shastri
as Anwar Khan
as Usman
as Murlidhar
as Dharam Singh
as Jail Warden
as Roodal
as Aniruddha Babu
as Dwarka
as Ramjatan
as Chandmal
as Anil Shrivastava
as Brijkishore
as Arms Dealer
as Vermaji
as Rich Businessman
as Gaya Singh
as Tabrez's Lawyer





Story Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director


Sound Re-recording Mixer
Location Sound Recordist
Assistant Sound Re-recording Mixer



Stunt Coordinator
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Sound Mix:
Dolby Digital
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Lara Dutta was offered the film but turned it down.