Anthony Toste

Supporting Actor

He is an actor, known for his multiple core roles on the award winning TV show 'I (Almost) Got Away with It'. Anthony was born into a very loving and nurturing family. His mother, Mary Viera Toste is a dedicated home maker. His father, Gene Anthony Toste owns his own Landscaping Business and has been serving his clients in the Santa Cruz County for over 37 years. Anthony has one brother, Jerry Gene Toste, who is two years younger then him

Born in: Santa Cruz, CA

Height: 6

Nickname(s): Tony, Boom Boom, Grim, AJ

English TBA
Supporting Actor
English 2016
Supporting Actor
Actor Anthony Toste decided to make his Executive Producer Debut for 'Uprising'

Anthony was cast in both G.I. Joe 2 with Bruce Willis as a Master SGT. and Argo by Ben Affleck. Unfortunately due to personal circumstances he was unable to make the shoots which were in New Orleans (GI Joe 2) and Los Angeles (Argo)

Anthony's signature could be found on the original contract between the NCBA (National Collegiate Boxing Association) and St. Mary's College of California Athletic Department

Anthony was the president, founder and first team captain of his College Boxing team in California

Ralph Peduto was Anthony's personal acting coach and mentor. Anthony has dedicated his acting career to his highly esteemed mentor, the late and great Ralph Peduto

Anthony was born at Dominican Hospital of Santa Cruz, California
Personal Quotes:
He doesn't suffer from insanity... He enjoys every minute of it. Insanity and Ingenuity fall upon a fine line...

Everything is one...