Amar Jyoti (1936)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Remarkable Prabhat adventure classic featuring Durga Khote's most memorable role as the pirate Queen Saudamini. Faced with extreme patriarchal laws in an ancient seaport kingdom and denied the legal custody of her infant son Sudhir, Saudamini becomes a pirate declaring war on the state and especially on its tyrannical minister of justice, Durjaya (Chandramohan). She attacks a royal ship and captures Durjaya, inadvertently also taking Princess Nandini (Apte). In captivity, Durjaya declares his love for Nandini but she falls for a shepherd boy (Nandrekar) who turns out to be Saudamini's long-lost son Sudhir. Durjaya's men then capture Saudamini and a palace intrigue ensues marked by her emanipatory rhetoric and the universal humanist arguments of her adviser Shekhar (Kale). The swordplay and stunt action distinguish this film from Prabhat's other work although Kale's story bears some resemblance to the plot of e.g. <a href="">Amritmanthan (1934)</a>, with Chandramohan replaying some of his role in the earlier film.

Cast: Durga Khote

Crew: Rajaram Vankudre Shantaram (Director), V Avadhoot (Director of Photography), Master Krishnarao (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1936 (India)

Hindi Name: अमर ज्योति

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