Ajooba (1991)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 3 mins

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This action-oriented drama dramatically depicts the story of Ajooba, the masked legend, who was treated as the only protector of the people of Baharistan. Ajooba is none other than Ali, the real heir to the kingdom of Baharistan. Unfortunately for Ali, when he was just born, his father and mother were overthrown by the evil designs of the Vazir. Ali survived as destined and was brought up by a blacksmith who was unaware of Ali's real identity. In the guise of Ajooba, Ali takes up the very difficult task of finding his lost parents and then to re-instate them to the throne with great honour. Will Ali succeed in claiming his birthright and reunite with his lost family?
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Did you know? Amitabh Bachchan is said to have worked in this film gratis, as a favor to his longtime collaborator and friend Shashi Kapoor. Read More
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as Ajooba / Ali
as Rukhsana Khan
Supporting Actor
as Vazir-E-Alla
Supporting Actress
as Treasurer
as Shehzadi Heena
as Shahrukh
as Maharaja Karan Singh
as Prince Altaf
as Palace Guard
as Vizier's Henchman
as Bandit
as Bandit
as Villain
Supporting Actor
as Hassan
as Amir Khan
as Sultan of Bahristan
Supporting Actress
as Prince Uddam Singh
as Anwar Khan
as Citizen
Supporting Actor


Second Assistant Director


Executive Producer
Production Manager
Production Controller


Story Writer

Camera and Electrical

Camera Operator


Dubbing Coordinator
Sound Re-recording Mixer
Audio Assistant



Costume and Wardrobe


Assistant Editor

Makeup and Hair

Makeup Artist

Special Effects


Stunt Director
Stunt Performer
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This film was produced in association with Gorky Studios in Moscow. There are several Russian stars whose speech is not in sync with Hindi dialogues

This film had a budget of Rs. 8 Crores, which was amongst the highest at the time.

Amitabh Bachchan is said to have worked in this film gratis, as a favor to his longtime collaborator and friend Shashi Kapoor.

A Russian language dub of this film was released in the Soviet Union under the title 'Vozvrashcheniye Bagdadskogo Vora'.

This movie is loosely based on Arabian mythology (such as One Thousand and One Nights).

Actor Dara Singh played a cameo role in this movie as The Emperor of India.

Director Shashi Kapoor had initially approached Sridevi to play the leading lady in this movie, co-starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. Dimple Kapadia was signed eventually.

Some of the stars in this movie were Georgian.

All of the stars in the film did not demand for a fee except for Sonam.