Aanmai Thavarael (2011)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 33 mins

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Set in the city of Chennai, the narrative follows the love story of Yamuna and Vettri, childhood sweethearts. Yamuna works the night shift as a customer service representative at a telecom company, while Vettri is employed at a regular day job. Due to their different work timings, the couple usually rendezvous in the wee hours when the roads are desolate and the city is still asleep. One such night, Yamuna (Shruthi) is abducted by sex traffickers while returning from work and her disappearance sets in motion a desperate mission by Vettri (Dhruvah, debut) to save her. The kidnappers run an underground network with international thugs who earn millions by exploiting their human cargo. Trapped along with Yamuna, are three other girls who have also been tricked and captured to be sold to the highest bidder. Desperate and terrified, the girls have only each other for support in this ordeal, till they reach their destination. Meanwhile, as the prime suspect, Vettri overcomes incredible obstacles and befriends Anthony (Sampath), a former cop, disillusioned with the apathy of the system towards sex trafficking. With an ally by his side, Vettri begins a cross country journey to bring back his love before she is gone forever. Just when Vettri and Anthony hit the road to Goa, Anthony is eliminated in a car blast. Alone and clueless, an injured Vettri has 24 hours to rescue Yamuna before she disappears forever.

Cast: Dhruvaa, Sonu Gowda

Crew: Kuzhandai Velapan (Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Release Dates: 03 Jun 2011 (India)

Tamil Name: ஆண்மை தவறேல்

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