A Girls Day (TBA)

 ●  German ● 16 mins

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At 19, Yasmin is in search of her own happiness and trying to understand her life as well as the difficult relationship with her mother a former heroin addict. After spending many years in foster care and incessantly moving from one place to another Yasmin now lives in her own small apartment in the provincial German town of Walsrode – the closest thing to her idea of home. But even here the quietness and loneliness have yet to be transcended by a sense of belonging. The film is the empathetic portrait of a strong young woman – Yasmin whose greatest wish it is to finally arrive somewhere. The film takes us into Yasmin’s everyday life shows her clubbing the night away and traces the steps of her effort to build a life for herself. Yasmin keeps a diary which she calls her 'book of thoughts.' Yasmin’s answer to the monotony of this German backwater is her unquenchable thirst for life and her longing for a true home. Her observations and perspective on life are unique touching and sometimes magical. She draws strength from her arduous past (in youth homes and foster families) and shows how despite the daily routine and painful memories it is worthwhile to stand up and fight.
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Short Film
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