7 Letters (2015)

 ●  Mandarin ● Running Time: TBA

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The seven stories tell of our heartland and its people through tales of lost love, identity, inter-generational familial bonds and tensions, unlikely neighbours, and even references to traditional folklore.
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as Mother
as Father
as Cinema - Slim Villager
as Parting - Young Ismail
as That Girl - Ah Fa
as Parting - Swee Choo
as Cinema - Fan Fan Law
as Cinema - Round Villager
as The Flame - Helper
as Cinema - Older Actress
as GPS - Ah Girl
as Parting - Ismail
as GPS - Grandma
as That Girl - Ah Shun
as Pineapple Town - Ning
as Pineapple Town - Kang
as The Flame - Leela
as Cinema - Pontianak
as Pineapple Town - Michelle
as GPS - Ah Boy
as Pineapple Town - Michelle
as That Girl - Ah Cai
as The Flame - Father
as GPS - Grandpa
as That Girl - Caiyun
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Spoken Languages:
English, Malay
Frame Rate:
24 fps
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