14/8 (Khatsaw / Phra ) (TBA)

 ●  Khasi ● 50 mins

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Khraw is a cunning and reputable politician, who created a situation of kidnapping a beautiful, young and naïve girl, Julie, who was promised for a job, was later drugged, and misused physically, by Pynshlur, another reputable politician who has a lustful weakness for pretty young girls. Khraw later trapped and blackmailed Pynshlur by using a video (of Pynshlur raping Julie) against him with the help of Dominic, a minion who does their dirty job for them. An investigation was in the process as an FIR was filed by Julie’s family. Eli who already has a rapport with the police got tangled along with the situation after he got when a brawled happened with some men, to which Sumeet owed money to.

Genres: Crime

Tagline: Every Crime Reveals a Story

Khasi Name: Regional (Khasi)

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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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2.39:1 (Scope)
Every Crime Reveals a Story
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