Second Show (2012)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 6 mins

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'Second Show' is a dark crime thriller that begins with the flashback of an ex-convict Hari (Dulquer Salmaan) as narrated to a man he meets at a bus stop on a rainy night. It is revealed that Hari (whose nickname is Lalu) is a poor young man who works for the local sand mafia as a driver. He is friends with Kurudi (Sunny Wayne) whose real name is Nelson Mandela PP. One day while at work, Kurudi draws Lalu to a fight leaving the sand smugglers without a driver that causes them to get caught by the police. Now jobless, Lalu and Kurudi join the group of Chaver Vavachan (Baburaj), who is a financier, and take up the job of retrieving vehicles for non-repayment of loans. Chaver Vavachan is the younger brother of a notorious former goon 'Chaver Antony' who dies due to a cracker burst by a young lad. Vavachan swears revenge and, after a long wait, finds the lad (who is now a man) at a hospital and bursts crackers on him. The injured however happens to be one of the henchmen of an influential smuggler, Vishnubuddhan(Sudesh Berry) who, enraged, kills Vavachan. Impressed by his courage, Vishnubuddhan takes Lalu into his gang. During one of Vishnubuddhan's deals, Lalu is betrayed by one of his friends and Vishnubuddhan mistakes Lalu for making away with the goods. Vishnubuddhan's henchmen severely thrash Lalu, forcing him to flee. He however returns as a smuggler in his own right and starts overshadowing Vishnubuddhan. Angered by this, Vishnubuddhan kills Kurudi and Lalu avenges his friend's death by killing Vishnubuddhan and taking over his business. However, Lalu is eventually caught by the police and sent to prison. Back in the present, as Lalu finishes his narration, he sees Vishnubuddhan's son sitting in a car parked nearby. Realising it to be a trap, Lalu becomes alert but the man to whom Lalu has just narrated his story shoots him. Before leaving the man reveals that he was actually sent by Vishnubuddhan's son to kill Lalu. The final scene shows Lalu lying badly wounded but his hand moves slightly, revealing that his chapter is not yet over.

Cast: Dulquer Salmaan, Gauthami Nair

Crew: Srinath Rajendran (Director), Pappu K Shetty (Director of Photography), Avial (Music Director), Nikhil Rajan (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller

Release Dates: 03 Feb 2012 (India)

Tagline: Let the show begin......

Malayalam Name: സെക്കന്റ്‌ ഷോ

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Did you know? This movie marks the debut of Dulquer Salmaan, who is the son of actor Mammootty. For this splendid debut he was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut and SIIMA Award for Best Male Debutant. Read More
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as Lalu / Harilal
as Geethu / Geethanjali
as Vikadan
as Neerali
as Chaver Anthony / Chaver Vavachan
as Babu
as Sajan George
as Sethu
as Ramettan
as Moopan
as Janardanan
as Sidharth Budhan
as Surabhi
as Devaki / Lalu's mother
as Shyam
as SI George
as Vishnu Budhan
as Kurudi / Nelson Mandela
as Sachi
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Feature Film
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2.35 : 1
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Let the show begin......
'Srinath Rajendran', the director of the movie, took 53 days to complete the shooting of the film

Most of the Cast and crew members were new comers and above that they were class mates and childhood friends

Second show became the first super hit movie of the year 2012

The Second Show team approached 'Nivin pauly' and 'Pritviraj Sukumaran' before casting Dulquar Salman for the role of protagonist

Apart from Salmaan himself, who made his debut in a lead role with this movie, there were several other debutantes including Gauthami Nair, who played the female lead role. This movie also marks director Sreenath Rajendran's debut, along with Vini Vishwalal who has penned the screenplay and dialogue.

Although he was receiving several offers, Dulquer felt he had to study the various aspects of cinema in detail before venturing further and for that did a short term course in film before he signed on for this role.

This movie marks the debut of Dulquer Salmaan, who is the son of actor Mammootty. For this splendid debut he was awarded the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut and SIIMA Award for Best Male Debutant.