Mestri (2009)

 ●  Telugu ● Running Time: TBA

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Fast-paced and fiery, this action-oriented socio-political drama daringly depicts the trials and triumphs in the life of an ex-army major, Palakollu (Dasari) goes on a journey in search of the murderers of his protégé. Palakollu (Dasari) arrives in town seemingly from nowhere and joins the Vizag shipyard as a labourer and becomes their mesthri (leader) in no time. He solves the internal issues of the workers there. The local benevolent politician Gopala Krishnaiah (Vijaya Kumar) recommends and gets a big chunk of land for the workers. But the local mafia occupies that land forcefully. The rest of the story is all about how Mesthri fights for the rights of the labourers and ensures that the mafia is defeated. However, the question remains, will Palakollu resolve the real reason for which he came to the city? Will he succeed in avenging the death of his protégé?
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Feature Film
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