Katti Batti (2015)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 18 mins

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Mahdy, an architect, falls in love with a girl who possesses a unique attitude about life.
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Did you know? The film was previously titled " Saali Kutiya". Fearing the title was to offensive, the producer' s opted for a safer title. Read More
A fine on screen pair cant save a fluffy film that is plain mediocre

Director Nikhil Advani's latest rom com on live in relationships does not quite do justice to the talented actors that it boasts of."Katti Batti" suffers from an insufferable story line post intermission which wanders into subtle melodrama and aims at making out lacrimal/tear ducts over work..at least the last half an hour is gloomy and the portions before this post interval are seemingly silly and plain annoying.This is after the director gives us a serviceable first half which works a large extent due to Kangana's spontaneity and comic timing.
Shankar,Ehsaan and Loy give us a soundtrack with a a few numbers that are hummable and few ho..hum.The catchy hooks of Lip to lip kissiyan and Sarfira spell chartbuster ditties from the word go.Imran Khan is reliable and doing what he is good at..nothing noteworthy and that is quite a downer since the entire film rolls out through his eyes.A host of supporting actors adequate in their roles don't offer much respite.The Devdas track staging here is a laugh riot.And the dishy Vivan Bhatena( whom we saw in last week's Hero) has quite a ball taking of his shirt in the last few scenes..Boy..its time to work those facial muscles too.
This was touted to be Kangana's film and sadly it is not.But the leading lady rises like a phoenix and delivers the goods with a blast.Hope she had more on screen time.
Recommended for fans of cotton candy rom coms and for the lead pair.Their chemistry works even if the film in entirety does not.

Disjointed screenplay...climax is mother of all cliches

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Story & screenplay- disjointed & incoherent
Maudlin climax
Mashup of several Indian and foreign movies
Kanganas poor acting ..the gaps in her skills show up. Esp poor voice modulation, pronunciation.

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The film was previously titled " Saali Kutiya". Fearing the title was to offensive, the producer' s opted for a safer title.