Hail, Caesar! (2016)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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Eddie Mannix, a mover-and-shaker in the 1950s tasked with protecting the seedier and more questionable aspects of the lives of certain movie stars.

Cast: Alden Ehrenreich, George Clooney, Josh Brolin, Ralph Fiennes, Scarlett Johansson

Crew: Ethan Coen (Director), Joel Coen (Director), Roger Deakins (Director of Photography), Carter Burwell (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Mystery

Release Dates: 18 Feb 2016 (Malaysia), 10 Mar 2016 (Singapore), 18 Feb 2016 (UAE)

Tagline: Lights. Camera. Abduction.

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Did you know? This film will mark Frances McDormand's eighth collaboration with the Coen brothers. Frances is also the wife of Joel Coen. Read More
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as Hobie Doyle
as Baird Whitlock
as Howard Strickling
as Laurence Lorenz
as DeeAnna Moran
as Dancer #11
as Merrily We Dance Performer
as Woman in Cab
as JD Producer
as Dancer #13
as Smitrovich
as Mannix
as Protestant Clergyman
as Israelite
as Roman Officer
as Roman Cavalry Officer
as Stu Schwartz, Accounting
as Merrily We Dance Performer
as Grip
as Marimba Player
as Club Orchestra
as Antonius
as Slave
as Wiseman
as Sailor
as Sailor
as Bad Guy #2
as Sailor #1
as House Slave
as Legionnaire
as Bee Smoker
as Dancer #7
as Brown Derby Swing Dancer
as Burt Gurney
as Goon
as Arne Seslum
as Communist Writer 7
as Sailor #3
as Boom Operator
as Dancer #4
as Capitol Pictures Film Crew
as Roman Legionnaire
as Roman Slave
as Roman Legionaire
as Camera Operator
as Communist Writer 4
as Roman Legionnaire
as Israelite
as Dancer #14
as Animal handler
as Swimmer
as Submarine Commander
as Brave Legionnaire
as Dierdre
as Roman Legionnaire
as Waiter
as Legionarius
as Dancer #9
as Communist Writer 1
as Dancer #17
as CC Calhoun
as Fred
as Studio Scuba Diver
as Sid Siegelstein
as Communist Writer 5
as Dancer
as Studio Secretary
as Roman Officer
as Natalie
as Malibu Maid
as Cuddahy
as Cad in Cab
as Saul of Tarsus
as Slave
as Communist Screenwriter
as Man With Cigarette
as Lurking Extra 2
as Roman Legionnaire / Brown Derby Patron
as Roman Legionnaire
as Dancer #1
as Jonah's Daughter Harpist
as Script Girl
as Dancer
as Professor Marcuse
as Stage hand
as Roman Slave
as Roman Slave
as Cop at French Postcard House 1
as Joseph Silverman
as Box Breakfast AD
as Roman Slave
as Electrician
as Smoking Party Guest
as Dancer
as Sailor #4
as Ms. Dame Swinger
as Merrily We Dance Performer
as Departing Woman
as Roman Officer
as Seedy Passerby
as Extras AD
as Cigarette Girl
as Dancer #8
as Hat Check Girl
as Dancer #3
as Roman Officer
as Dancer #16
as Chunk Mulligan
as Strike Crew
as Jason West
as Head Communist Writer
as Nightclub Patron
as Swing Dancer
as Roman Cavalry Officer
as Lighting Technician
as Hobie's Driver
as Narrator
as Roman Nobelman
as Chinese Restaurant Maitre'd
as Roman Officer
as Jesus
as Chinese Restaurant Waitress
as Gloria DeLamour
as Centurion
as Water Ballet PA
as Strike Crewman
as Communist Writer 6
as Communist Writer 2
as Dancer #10
as Bike Messenger
as General Antonius
as Sailor #2
as Director
as Last Call Electrician
as Israelite
as Nobleman
as Roman Officer
as French Postcard Photographer
as Nightclub Patron
as Roman Officer
as Rabbi
as Catholic Clergyman
as Producer of 'Hail, Caesar!'
as Dancer #5
as Merrily We Dance Performer
as Dancer #12
as Roman Legionnaire
as Will
as Israelite
as Slave
as Roman Officer
as Brown Derby Diner
as Dancer #15
as Roman Legionnaire
as Dolly Grip/Actor
as Clapper Boy 'Hail, Caesar!'
as Israelite
as Roman Noblewoman
as Ursulina
as Hedda Hopper
as Stage 8 Man at the Door
as Roman Officer
as Communist Writer 3
as Accountant Extra
as Imperial Garden Waitress
as Roman Officer
as Dancer #6
as Roman Nobleman
as Carlotta Valdez
as Israelite
as Lurking Extra 1
as Sailor
as Set Crew #1


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Feature Film
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Sound Mix:
Datasat Digital Sound, Dolby Digital
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1 (Flat), 2.35 : 1
Lights. Camera. Abduction.
Factual Mistake
When the communists' phone call to Eddie Mannix is disconnected on the first attempt we hear a burst of "precise dial tone," the same as today. This was not used until more than 10 years later. At that time the standard dial tone was 600 Hz modulated at 120 Hz

When the cucumber sandwiches are being prepared in the kitchen for the communist study group, they are shown as having the crusts cut off in thin slices. When they are served to Baird Whitlock, they are cut into squares, without crusts

Revealing Mistakes
The watch that can be seen on Mannix's wrist in medium shots is not the same watch shown in the insert shots when he is checking the time. One has straight sides, while the other is wider across the middle

Audio/Video Mismatch
In Baird Whitlock's final speech, his ruffled collar is alternately tucked into his armor from one angle and standing straight up from other angles

The Romans speak of a "Frankish road", but the Franks did not become part of the Roman world until centuries later

Factual Mistake
In 1951, Chinese restaurants that catered to Westerners did not set chopsticks out on the table as part of the standard place setting

The soy sauce bottle on the table in the Chinese restaurant was not designed by Kenji Ekuan until 1961, ten years after Hail, Caesar! takes place

When Hobie is picking up Carlotta for their date, a car turning right onto the avenue down the hill is briefly visible. It is white and a modern vehicle, a small SUV make

Audio/Video Mismatch
Mannix's much-loved wristwatch is often-looked upon and is octagon-shaped in close-ups, but in long shots, the actor is wearing a rectangle-shaped watch.

The wristwatch Josh Brolin;s character wears changes between close-up shots, when it is hexagonally shaped, and long shots, when it is rectangular.

Errors in Geography
The beach-side house where Baird is being held for ransom has a close-up view of Santa Catalina Island. The film alludes that it is in Malibu, but that is too far from Catalina to have such a view.

Factual Mistake
The Lockheed recruiter shows Eddie a picture of the Bikini Atoll nuclear test. The picture he shows is of a ground explosion (dust being thrown in the air), not an ocean explosion.

Revealing Mistakes
When Channing Tatum's character leaves on the Russian sub, it is clearly a nuclear powered sub. Russia did not commission it's first nuclear powered sub until 1961, a full 10 years after this movie takes place. As a matter of fact, the USS Nautilus wasn't commissioned until 1954, 3 years after this movie takes place.
This is the fifth movie featuring Ralph Fiennes and Michael Gambon, they previously appeared together in four of the Harry Potter films series, however in this film Michael Gambon doesn't appear on screen, only narrates

This is George Clooney's fourth film collaboration with Joel Coen and Ethan Coen

George Clooney was actually slapped by Josh Brolin several times. His reaction shown in the film was genuine.

The fictional film studio "Capitol Pictures" previously appeared in Barton Fink (1991), another Los Angeles period film from the Coen Brothers.

This film will mark Frances McDormand's eighth collaboration with the Coen brothers. Frances is also the wife of Joel Coen.

Carlotta Valdes, Hobie Doyle's date, is also the name of a mysterious character from the 1800s in Alfred Hitchcock's 1958 movie Vertigo.

Selected as the opening film of the 2016 Berlin Film Festival.

This is Josh Brolin's third film collaboration with Joel Coen and Ethan Coen. They previously worked together on No Country for Old Men (2007) and True Grit (2010).

While Hobie is having dinner with Carlotta, he starts using a spaghetti noodle as a lasso to entertain her. This is a nod to spaghetti westerns.

Bob Hoskins portrayed Mannix in the 2006 biographical film "Hollywoodland," based on the life and death of actor George Reeves.
Filming Start Date:
10 Nov 2014