Band Baaja Baaraat (2010)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 19 mins

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After Delhi-based slacker-collegian, Bittoo Sharma's father asks him to return home to work in the sugar-cane fields, he refuses and decides to partner with career-minded wedding planner, Janakpuri-based Shruti Kakkar. She refuses to have to do anything with him, but after he impresses her, she partners with him, they set up 'Shaadi Mubarak' and begin organizing small wedding celebrations with struggling restaurateur and florist, Rajinder Singh and Maqbool respectfully. The duo hit big time after they organize a wedding party at Sainik Farm and begin to have dreams of bettering their lives. It is then Shruti realizes that she has fallen in love with Bittoo, and is embittered when he does not reciprocate. This bitterness gets worse, and the duo split up, with Bittoo opening 'Happy Weddings' - resulting in a downward spiral of their performance. With creditors hovering over them, no money coming in, Shruti finally gives way to her parents' wishes and agrees to get married to Dubai-based Chetan.

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh

Crew: Maneesh Sharma (Director), Aseem Mishra (Director of Photography), Salim Merchant (Music Director), Suleiman Merchant (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 10 Dec 2010 (India)

Hindi Name: बैंड बाजा बरात

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Did you know? With this movie, Anushka Sharma completes her three-picture deal with Yash Raj Films she'd signed to do 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'. Read More
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as Shruti Kakkar
as Bittoo Sharma
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as Sidhwani
as Rajinder Singh - Caterer
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as Brigadier Brar


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Feature Film
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English, Punjabi
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Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Surround 7.1
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24 fps
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2.35 : 1
Character Error
Rajinder has no experience with catering when Maqsood introduces him to Shruti. However in Pankaj and Sonja's marriage, Maqsood tells Shruti that Rajinder has been catering since 7 years.

During the first song sequence, the time on video camera is inconsistent between scenes.
This is Maneesh Sharma's directorial debut after several stints as an assistant director on other Yash Raj Films productions.

With this movie, Anushka Sharma completes her three-picture deal with Yash Raj Films she'd signed to do 'Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi'.

Lead actor Ranveer Singh had no prior experience in acting or modeling yet was hired after his first audition, having thoroughly impressed producer/Yash Raj Films vice chairman Aditya Chopra.

There was much confusion on set for peripheral crew members and curious onlookers during shooting on February 17th in Delhi due to lead actor Ranveer Singh being a complete unknown. Some thought he was Ranbir Kapoor, while others claimed he was Ranvir Shorey and some even suggested Ritesh Deshmukh. Some cops brought to secure the set that chilly morning complained about having to be there in the cold despite the lead actor being a nobody and lead actress Anushka Sharma being virtually unknown as well.

Prior to the film's release, Anushka Sharma referred to it as the best film she'd done so far.

Shortly after is started shooting, the film was widely reported in the media to be called either "Shaadi Mubarak" or "Shaadi Mubarak Ho". Yash Raj Films issued a press release in late April 2010 denying the title and claiming that the film was still untitled. Interestingly though, the movie's final title has similarities to the previously reported ones, suggesting that they may have been in contention at one point. Furthermore, this initially rumored title came out to be the name of the enterprise the duo sets up in the film.

The film's music, trailer, poster and official website were all unveiled on October 19, 2010.

The radio channel that is heard when Bittu is dropping off Shruti for the last time, is a real channel with the same RJ Naved anchoring it.

The font style of the company logo 'Shaadi Mubarak' is the same as that of the movie title.

The closing credits feature an another version of the song 'Ainwayi Ainwayi'.

The song 'Bari Barsi' is based on a very popular and old Punjabi folk music 'Boliyan'. The phrase "Bari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si" is welcomed with different responses each time it is repeated. This phrase could have a few different meanings, one of the meaning is "I was away(working) for a dozen years" . which means that the person in question was away earning for long years, he's now back home, and then the boli goes like "khat ke leyanda ..." which means "I brought back..." . The object that was brought home is changed everytime in a boli like this. So it could be anything & one creates its own boli on ad-lib.

The movie's requests sent from the official website were termed as Band-Baajograms.

After the commercial and critical success of the film, they put up a note on the home page of the official website saying 'Bread Pakode Ki Kasam HIT Hai' ( (I swear) in the name of a Bread Pakora, the movie is a success.) That's a homage to the seen, in which Bittu swears his friendship to Shruti, in the name of Bread Pakora( fried sandwich covered in gram flour paste.)

All the songs during the celebration party are from movies that have been previously produced by Yash Raj Films produced.

In the final wedding sequence, all the clients of 'Shaadi Mubarak' attend the wedding. Even the wife of the police inspector comes whose wedding was being planned just before the company's split.
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Featured in: Luv Ka the End (Hindi)
Remade as: Aaha Kalyanam (Telugu)