Pallankuzhi (1983)

 ●  Malayalam ● Running Time: TBA

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When Hemachandran, a celebrated writer is honoured at a large gathering, he speaks in praise of Yetheendran, the person who inspired him and narrates a story... Hemachandran's autobiographical tale is set against the backdrop of a conservative, religious community where he returns home as a young artist, after completing his education. He wishes to become a music teacher, and to get this job, he must become a student of the Harikatha under the tutelage of a wealthy, powerful man. The young artist also wants to perform and conduct devotional concerts and dramatic plays. Yetheendran is a social activist, who goes against the wealthy and powerful, sticking by his principles and values against the norm. Yetheendran's beliefs and life have a strong influence on young Hemachandran, who is devastated when Yetheendran is shockingly murdered. Who was responsible for the murder? How will Yetheendran's death influence the close-knit community? How will Hemachandran respond to this devastating incident? What complex events will mould his life and transform him into becoming a renowned and celebrated writer?
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