Yamini (2001)

 ●  Malayalam ● Running Time: TBA

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Yaamini is a sexy dancer in a club. She got night blindness. After the death of her lover, she spent a lonely life in her big house. Ouseppachan, a millionaire, who saw her dance, wanted to seduce her. He approached her one night, but she rejected him. That night, Ouseppachan tells his driver Mukundan, about the secret that millions of his black money is kept in the secret chamber of his bed, in hotel where they stay. Mukundan kills Ouseppachan to get the money. Meanwhile a young girl Mini was eloping her lover Setu, came to stay in same room of same Hotel. While lovemaking, they accidentally finds the money & escapes with it. In that night, they find a shelter in Yaamini's house. After hearing about their love, Yaamini consider them as her friends & allowed them to stay with her. But Setu was a womanizer. He rapes the housemaid & makes love with other girls. He plans to seduce Yaamini also. But she was unknown about Setu's intentions. Meanwhile Mukundan, came search for the couple. Setu made a secret contract with him to kill Mini. Meanwhile police officer Ajith, who investigates Ouseppachan's death, meets Yaamini & tells her that her lover's death was a murder, done by Setu. Now Yaamini got only one choice..Take revenge on Setu..

Cast: C Shakeela Begum, Prathapachandran

Crew: UC Roshan (Director), Bhoopathi (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2001 (India)

Malayalam Name: യാമിനി

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Feature Film
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