X-Men 2 (2003)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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As the struggle for mutants continue, Charles and Erik must join forces to beat a new threat looming over every mutant and non-mutant alike

Cast: Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart

Crew: Bryan Singer (Director)

Release Dates: 02 May 2003 (India)

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Film Type:
Feature Film
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
In the end, when the President is visited by the X-Men, he receives a blue binder, which is laid in front of him on the table. When they have left, you see a shot including the President's desk, and you can see that the only thing he has on the table are some sheets of paper, stapled in the upper left corner, opened up. Then the shot changes to a close-up of the President, and then back again, and you see the blue binder in front of him, closed, and the papers have disappeared.