Veer Chilarai (TBA)

 ●  Assamese ● Running Time: TBA

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Invigorating and inspiring, this epic historical tale is set in 16th century Assam, which was then divided into several warring kingdoms. This was richly crafted tale depicts the life of of Shukladhwaj, who was the younger brother of Nara Narayan, the king of the Kamata kingdom. He was Nara Narayan's commander-in-chief and who was later given the title Vir Chilarai because his movement as a general was as fast as a chila (kite). Chilarai is known to have descended from the powerful founder of the Koch dynasty of Kamatapur, Biswa Singha. By his valour, he played a significant role in expanding the empire of his elder brother, Maharaja Nara Narayan. His bravery, sacrifice and strength are dramatically brought to life in this historical tale.

Cast: Aimee Baruah, Anup Hazarika, Bishnu Kharghoria, Mridula Baruah

Crew: Samarendra Narayan Dev (Director)

Assamese Name: বীৰ চিলাৰায়

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Feature Film
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