Toy Story 3 (2010)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 43 mins

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Andy is now seventeen years old and is going to college. His mother presses him to decide the fate of his toys, and Andy decides to leave them in the attic, with the exception of Woody that he intends to bring with him. However, Andy's mother donates them by accident to the Sunnyside Daycare. The toys are welcomed by Lotso Bear but sooner they discover that the children mistreat them. Further, they are imprisoned in the daycare by Lotso and his gang. But Woody discovers the intention of the evil bear and returns to the daycare to organize the escape of his friends.

Cast: Joan Cusack, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks

Crew: Lee Unkrich (Director), Randy Newman (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Drama, Family, Fantasy

Release Dates: 18 Jun 2010 (India)

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Did you know? Pixar has included Cars 2's Finn McMissile as an Easter egg in this movie. Read More
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as Jessie
as Buzz Lightyear
as Woody
as Molly
as Slinky Dog
as Chuckles
as Mr Potato Head
as Bonnie
as Mrs Potato Head
as Barbie
as Andy
as Andy's Mom
as Bonnie's Mom
as Lotso
as Chatter Telephone
as Mr Pricklepants
as Rex




Executive Producer
Associate Producer


Screenplay Writer


Music Director


Character Designer


Art Director


Casting Director


Film Type:
Feature Film
Colour Info:
Sound Mix:
Dolby Digital EX, DTS, Sonics-DDP, Sony Dynamic Digital Sound
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 : 1 (Flat), 2.35 : 1
Shot in 3D
Revealing Mistakes
Andy is giving his toys to Bonnie. He shows her the three aliens from Pizza Planet. All three are facing her but when Andy puts them down in front of her, they suddenly change direction to be facing Andy.

When "demo" Buzz escapes from under Rex and Hamm, and is running to get away from the toys, he opens his left arm to call out to Star Command, saying he is being held captive by his own prisoners. When Buzz thought he was the real Buzz Lightyear (in Toy Story (1995)), he always pressed the red button on the right side of his chest to call for Star Command.

Near the beginning of the film, in Andy's room, the bottom dresser drawer is left partly open. It is never closed by anyone in the scenes, but is shown a short time later completely closed.

The Wild West train locomotive's motion wheels have been stopped by Woody in opening scene, but are shown running in a short time later (in two different sequences).

When Barbie removes the screws from Buzz's back and they reset him they rush to escape and never reinstall the screws but his cover stays closed.

When the children charge into the Caterpillar Room and grab the toys for the first time, Rex is immediately seen smeared with paint, before the paints come out.

After Molly destroys the bridge, and Andy says "Run for your lives" to the camera, Mr. Potato Head has both eyes, despite being shown seconds earlier as One Eyed Bart.

Factual Mistake
The Post-Net bar code on the "State University" envelope (addressed to a Pixar office) which is moved out of the way by Woody to reveal the old photo, is not validly formatted.
This was the first animated movie to make one billion dollars at the worldwide box office, making it the highest-grossing movie of 2010.

An early version of Lotso can be seen in Toy Story (1995) during the staff meeting. Woody asks if the toys "up on the shelf can hear" him, and we see a shot of a big, pinkish bear. John Lasseter wanted to use Lotso in the original Toy Story, but PIXAR had troubles getting the fur right.

In this animation movie, the character Ken wears 21 different outfits.

By the time Toy Story 3 was made, Pixar animators had figured out how to animate things like water and fur. Although being able to realistically animate fur was originally a concern for Toy Story 3 animators, the real animation challenge was trying to animate the trash bags in the movie. Because trash bags have special properties such as how it reflects light, animators spent weeks trying to get the trash bags correct.

There are 302 characters in the film.

The final shot in the film before the end credits is that of white clouds against a blue sky. This is a reference to the very first frame of the movie, which is also the same as the first frame of the Toy Story trilogy, that of white clouds against a blue sky in the wallpaper on Andy's room.

Andy's last name is apparently Davis. Near the beginning of the movie, Woody is looking at photos on the bulletin board, and underneath one is a certificate with the name "Andy Davis" on it.

Tom Hanks and Tim Allen insisted that they record their lines together, something rarely done with animated films any more, and wasn't done for the first two films. They loved the chemistry their characters shared on-screen.

At about 102 minutes, it's the longest Toy Story movie.

The character Lotso from this movie has been added by Pixar as an Easter egg in 'Up'.

Pixar has included Cars 2's Finn McMissile as an Easter egg in this movie.