The Dark Tower (TBA)

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Gunslinger Roland Deschain roams an Old West-like landscape in search of a dark tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world.
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Did you know? The original Dark Tower book series was 7 novels. Read More
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as Roland Deschain
as Walter Padick
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Feature Film
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Daniel Craig, Christian Bale, Viggo Mortensen and Javier Bardem are being considered for the lead role.

Aaron Paul has been rumored as a possible Eddie Dean

Stephen King sold the film rights to The Dark Tower for $19. 19 is a significant, recurring number in later book of the series.

Walter O'Dim who held the alias of Randall Flagg, was also the antagonist in the novel "The Eyes Of The Dragon" and "The Stand" by Stephen King.

The Dark Tower is a series of seven books which span a entire connected universe which links several other books and stories by Stephen King, including Bag of Bones, The Talisman, The Stand, Everything's Eventual, From a Buick 8, Hearts in Atlantis, and 'salem's Lot, with minor references to It, The Mist, and The Eyes of the Dragon.

The city Lud (featured in the third installment of the Dark Tower series) shares a noticeable resemblance of a post apocalyptic New York City.

Stephen King makes several references to J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series throughout the course of his fifth Dark Tower novel, Wolves of the Calla.

The fourth Dark Tower novel (Wizard and Glass) focuses on a younger Roland's adventures in the coastal city Mejis.

Pedro pascal is being considered for the lead role of Roland Deschain

Matthew McConaughey is rumored to be the studio's' option to play the main villain, Randall Flagg

Roland and his friends often find artworks done by a mid world graffiti artist known as Bango Skank.

Based on Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series of novels, which was inspired in part by Robert Browning's poem "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower Came".

The vengeful character Mordred has features of Stephen King's worst fear: spiders.

The speech of Oy the billy bumbler (a dog-like raccoon creature) is created by taking off the first letter(s) of any given word. i. e. "Boy" is "Oy".

The original Dark Tower book series was 7 novels.

Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' novels connect many other novels into a single fictional universe. Walter O'Dim, AKA The Man in Black, is later revealed to use the alias Randall Flagg (Jamey Sheridan), under which guise he caused the events of The Stand (1994). The fourth novel, Wizard and Glass, involves Roland and his ka-tet traveling to the world in which The Stand takes place. Father Callahan, the Catholic Priest from Salem's Lot (1979) appears in the last three books in the series. The last book features appearances by Ted Brautigan, the character played by Anthony Hopkins in Hearts in Atlantis (2001), and Dinky Earnshaw, the character played by Michael Flores in Everything's Eventual (2009). Another character from the final book, Patrick Danville, first appears as a toddler in the novel Insomnia, which has not been filmed. The alternate universe in which the Dark Tower novels take place is also the setting of The Talisman and its sequel Black House.

The Dark Tower is 600 feet tall, stands in the eastern land known as End World, is surrounded by a field called Can'Ka No Rey, and is held together by twelve beams that stretch to the corners of the land and are guarded by a massive beast.

The main antagonist of the series, the Crimson King, only makes a brief appearance at the conclusion of the last novel.

The character of the last novel, Mordred Deschain, is an offspring of four parents: Roland Deschain, Crimson King, Susannah Dean, and Mia.

The character Susannah Dean is a double amputee (she's missing both legs below the knee) an African American woman suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID) from the 1960s.

The infamous character of Stephen King makes a cameo appearance in the last two novels (Song of Susannah, and the Dark Tower).

The youthful character Jake Chambers dies a total of three times along the journey.

Roland kills all 53 inhabitants of the isolated desert town Tull.

Roland and his companions often go into a dream-like state known as "Todash".