The Cutting Edge (1992)

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Doug Dorsey and Kate Moseley are both part of the American team at the 1988 Winter Olympics, Doug as the star captain of the hockey team, Kate one half of the national champion pairs figure skating team. They both have a disastrous Olympics, Doug suffering a career ending eye injury, and Kate taking a humiliating fall that she blames on her partner, Brian Newman. In the next two years, both are floundering in the pursuit of their dreams. Working class Doug still falsely clings to the hope of an NHL career, whereas no one of any talent wants to skate with Kate, the rich, spoiled diva. Kate's new coach, the renowned Anton Pamchenko, sees that Doug was a good skater and suggests he try out as Kate's partner. Despite or because of the fact that it is hate at first sight, Doug decides to give the partnership a shot, he who may be the only person who has a strong enough personality to hold up to Kate's. Doug's decision is much to Kate's chagrin, she who will do whatever she can to make Doug, who she considers a Neanderthal, quit despite he being her last shot at pairs glory leading up to the 1992 Nationals and 1992 Winter Olympics. Beyond Doug needing to learn the technical aspects of figure skating compared to skating in a hockey game (especially the fact of having skates with toe picks), the two have to overcome differences in personality, differences in artistic vision (such as deciding what it takes to win) and an equally strong temperament to make their partnership a success. They also have to overcome external obstacles, such as narrow minded judges. But the most important thing they each have to learn is what is truly important in their lives.

Cast: DB Sweeney, Moira Kelly

Crew: Paul Michael Glaser (Director), Elliot Davis (Director of Photography), Patrick Williams (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Romance

Release Dates: 27 Mar 1992 (India)

Tagline: The King of the Rink is about to meet America's Ice Queen.

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Did you know? Paul Michael Glaser: one of the tailors in the costume design scene. Read More
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The King of the Rink is about to meet America's Ice Queen.
When true love breaks the ice.
Theirs is a love/skate relationship
The Ultimate Love/Skate Relationship
Audio/Video Mismatch
While they are in France for the Olympics watching the first US team skate, as the announcer is reading the scores in French. The scores on the board do not match the numbers the announcer is saying. He says cinq sept meaning 5.7, however the number in 5.8 or cinq huit. The number 5.7 does not appear on the score board even though the announcer calls it out.

Character Error
In the press conference at the Albertville Olympics, a photographer has a 500mm lens on his camera (it's the one with a small black disc in the middle of the lens.) This is the sort of lens you would use outside to shoot across a football field or nature photography, not inside.

Character Error
The first time we see Doug Dorsey, he is in the Olympic village, in bed with a German athlete. As he's scrambling around, getting dressed, he states her name incorrectly. She corrects him by saying, "Ich namen Gita." Even in German, "I name Gita" is grammatically incorrect.

Doug is hanging on a balk and trys to hit a nail. Then the camera changes position. When the camera comes back to Doug, the position of the nail is different (this happens two times, giving three different nail positions).

When Doug and Kate have their first real practice, she is shown briefly in teal green tights (featured later in the "You want my hands where?" sequence). Kate is then wearing a red outfit with a short skirt for the rest of the sequence.

When Doug and Kate play hockey, the Zamboni has just cleaned the ice. Yet when they start playing the ice is still dirty.

Before the free skate in the Olympics, as Doug is telling Kate he loves her etc, the same woman in a brown coat bumps into Kate two different times, from the same direction.

In the scene between Doug and his brother Walter where they are arguing about a letter from the Detroit Red Wings, near the beginning of the scene Doug lays down some hockey sticks, but when he sits down at the end of the scene the hockey sticks have disappeared.

In the scene where Doug is giving Kate her Christmas present, her hair is in different positions in different shots even though she never touches it

When Doug and Kate go out drinking after Nationals, we see Doug take a shot, and Kate take two; then they go dancing. When they come back from dancing, there are only two upside-down shots on the bar - but we've seen them drink three (and presumably, Doug has also had a second, making four).

At the New Year's Eve party, when Doug and Hale are having their little confrontation, Kate is facing the camera between them. She chooses not to participate, does a 180 turn, and walks away, to join a group of ladies across the room. She stops with her back to the camera. In a micro-second(after a poor edit) she is shown on the opposite side of the group, facing the camera.

When Doug first meets Kate, he moves only a few steps towards her, as she is near the edge of the ice. In the subsequent wide shot, they are shown to be in the middle of the rink, some 40ft from the edge, even though they have not moved.

Crew/Equipment Visible
Dolly tracks are visible behind the penalty box when Doug reveals to his brother what he has been doing.

Crew/Equipment Visible
During the first Nationals skate, Kate can be seen sitting on a foam "saddle" of some sort that was used to get a side-by-side action shot of her & Doug skating in sync.

Factual Mistake
Theatrical type lighting and spotlights are not used in U.S. National or Olympic figure skating competitions.

It is mentioned in the movie that the Pamchenko is illegal, but the coach makes the comment "eh, legal/illegal..." and shakes his hand to indicate it depends on interpretation. The first component of the Pamchenko - the "bounce spin", where the man grasps the woman by the ankles and spins her around - is a highly illegal move in amateur and Olympic competition and is only performed by professionals and/or in exhibition skating due to the high risk of head injury.

In the scene when Doug and Kate are fighting over the stereo music, and they keep flipping the channel, getting louder and louder, Kate is already wearing the engagement ring. The engagement is not announced until about five minutes (two or three scenes) later in the movie.
Christine Hough and Doug Ladret, who play the Russian pairs team, are a figure skating pairs team in real life representing Canada.

Some of the commentators and reporters were actual U.S. figure skating stars. Judy Blumberg (one of the Nationals and Olympic commentators) was a US ice dance champ and Olympic medalist, JoJo Starbuck, the blonde interviewer who is at rinkside when Kate and Doug come off the ice after their Olympic short program, was a US pairs champion in the early '70s, and Robin Cousins (Nationals commentator, who also choreographed the skating programs) was a men's Olympic and World champion from Britain. (For some reason the filmmakers chose to dub over his English accent with an American voice.)

As Dorsey was running through the tunnel prior to the initial hockey game, we hear the US national anthem being played, signaling how late he is. At the Olympics, of course, no national anthems are played prior to games.

Moira Kelly injured her ankle during shooting, so to make it easier for her between scenes, she was moved around on a porter's truck (the sort of thing usually used to move boxes, etc.).

Paul Michael Glaser: one of the tailors in the costume design scene.