The Brothers Bloom (2009)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 54 mins

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The Brothers Bloom are the best group of con men in the world, who set about to swindle the millionaires with their complex scenarios of lust and intrigue.

Cast: Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weisz

Crew: Rian Johnson (Director), Ron Simonson (Director of Photography), Steve Yedlin (Director of Photography), Nathan Johnson (Music Director)

Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 10 Jul 2009 (India)

Tagline: They'd never let the truth come between them

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Did you know? Rian Johnson originally had Mark Ruffalo in mind to play the part that Adrien Brody eventually played. It was the two actors themselves that suggested swapping. Read More
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as Bloom
as Stephen
as Penelope
as Snack Car Attendant
as Charleston
as Foster Mom
as Apple Cart Vendor
as Albino
as Excited Boy
as Young Girl
as Excited Boy
as Oafish Foster Father
as Young Boy
as Charleston's Wife
as Young Stephen
as Diamond Dog
as The Duke
as Rose
Supporting Actor
as Narrator
as Bang Bang
as Curator
as Foster Dad
as Chief of Police
as Young Bloom


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Feature Film
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24 fps
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2.35 : 1
They'd never let the truth come between them
Two master deceivers. One last swindling journey.
Character Error
When the Brothers Bloom first visit Penelope's castle, they are driving a Cadillac Seville. Bloom asks Bang Bang, "This a '78 Caddy? Controversial choice." The car is actually a 1983 Seville, whose bodystyle was built from 1980-1985.
Rachel Weisz learned how to play piano, violin, accordion, banjo, ping pong, do karate, ride a unicycle, juggle and even skateboard for her role as Penelope.

The card trick performed by Rachel Weisz took her a month to learn, practicing every day. The shot itself took 11 takes.

Rian Johnson originally had Mark Ruffalo in mind to play the part that Adrien Brody eventually played. It was the two actors themselves that suggested swapping.

Adrien Brody helped Rachel Weisz learn how to skateboard and to rap.

Rian Johnson lists The Sting (1973) and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (1988) as key inspirations for the film. More unconventionally, the legendary concert film The Last Waltz (1978) also influenced his writing process, to the point that The Brothers Bloom contains a multitude of references to The Band. During initial discussions with Mark Ruffalo, Johnson clarified that he wanted to capture a particular '70s folk rock vibe, envisioning Stephen as Robbie Robertson.

The three main characters are based on characters from James Joyce's "Ulysses" (which in turn is based on Homer's "Odyssey"). Stephen is based on Stephen Daedalus, a restless young writer in two of Joyce's novels; in "The Brothers Bloom", Stephen plans their cons with a writer's flair. Bloom is based on Leopold Bloom, who is wandering around Dublin, trying to find himself and his way back to his wife. In The Brothers Bloom, Bloom is figuratively looking for himself, and ultimately finds his way to Penelope. In "The Odyssey", Penelope is Odysseus' wife who waits for him through all of his travels; likewise, here, Penelope awaits Bloom through his wanderings.

Penelope's house in New Jersey is actually the Peles castle located in Sinaia, Romania.Also, the building near the sea, where Bloom is going to meet the kidnappers, is the Casino of Constanta, Romania.