Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 53 mins

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The Federation along with a group scientists are collaborating on a project called Genesis. Which is a plan to bring a dead planet to life. So far the preliminary experiments have been a success. Now for the next phase which is to actually bring a planet to life, a dead planet is required. So the Federation sends a vessel, the Reliant to find one and it's first officer is former Enterprise crew member Pavel Chekov. They come across what appears to be a dead planet in the Ceti Alpha system. But the sensors detect something which makes it not a dead planet. But the Captain thinks maybe they can remove it, so he and Chekov go and investigate. But they find what appears to be a life pod. When Chekov sees something, he tells the Captain they should leave. But they are captured by the inhabitants. When they meet the leader, Chekov recognizes him as Khan, the bio engineered human from the late 20th century whom Kirk found 15 years ago. Who tried to take over the Enterprise and kill Kirk. But Kirk subdued him and left him on Ceti Alpha 5. Khan reveals that Ceti Alpha 6 exploded shortly after they were left and the force shifted Ceti Alpha 5 orbit which turned the planet into a wasteland. Khan deduces that Chekov and the Captain thought they were on Ceti Alpha 6. When he asks them why they are there, they don't answer. That's when Khan puts a wormlike creature in them, which makes them susceptible to suggestion. Upon learning why there are there, Khan takes the Reliant and tries to steal Genesis and get back at Kirk. He starts by making Chekov contact the scientist in charge of Genesis and telling her that Kirk has ordered him to take possession of Genesis. She then calls Kirk who has no knowledge of what she is talking about but before they can talk any further, they lose contact. Kirk who's now an Admiral, is accompanying Mr. Spock who is now in command of the Enterprise, who is taking some cadets on a training run. But now he tells them they have investigate what is happening. So they go and meet the Reliant, that's when Khan attacks the Enterprise crippling it. Khan then calls Kirk and demands that Kirk turn himself and all data on Genesis. Kirk uses the time to come with a counter move which he executes. So while Khan repairs the Reliant Kirk heads off to find the Genesis scientists.
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Cast: DeForest Kelley, Leonard Nimoy, William Shatner

Crew: Nicholas Meyer (Director), Gayne Rescher (Director of Photography), James Horner (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Drama

Release Dates: 04 Jun 1982 (India)

Tagline: At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.

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Did you know? After reluctantly being convinced to appear in the first film, Leonard Nimoy initially had no interest in a second. Harve Bennett finally convinced Nimoy to sign onto the film with the offer of having a death scene. Read More
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At the end of the universe lies the beginning of vengeance.
Audio/Video Mismatch
When Scotty and McCoy are yelling at Spock not to open the main energizer, Scotty's and McCoy's mouths are not moving in sync with the words being spoken.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When Spock and Saavik are speaking Vulcan, their mouths are speaking English.

Character Error
In engineering, Kirk asks Midshipman Preston if he realizes how much ribbing Kirk has taken in the officer's mess. Officers do not eat in a mess, they eat in a wardroom.

During the docking with the Enterprise, shuttle control gives them permission to dock at the torpedo launching bay. Instead, the shuttle is clearly shown to dock near main engineering. In addition, Kirk and Co. clearly board the ship through the torpedo bay. The shuttlepod docking sequence, as well as additional visuals of Enterprise in and departing from drydock, are reused footage from Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

When Chekov and Terrell explore Ceti Alpha V, earphones can clearly be seen through the visors of their spacesuit helmets. When they enter the shelter they discovered and take off their helmets, the earphones are gone.

After David Marcus says, "We can't just sit here," Admiral Kirk puts on his glasses and checks his watch, saying, "Oh, yes we can." In the very next shot, the glasses are gone.
Producer Harve Bennett viewed all the original Star Trek (1966) episodes and chose Star Trek: Space Seed (1967) as the best candidate for a sequel. Spock even remarks in the script that it would be interesting to return in a hundred years or so to see what type of civilization had grown there. This is the first time a movie was made as a sequel to a specific television show episode.

After reluctantly being convinced to appear in the first film, Leonard Nimoy initially had no interest in a second. Harve Bennett finally convinced Nimoy to sign onto the film with the offer of having a death scene.

Just after Kirk steps aboard, Scotty (James Doohan) says he "had a wee bout," but that McCoy pulled him through. Actually, this was a reference to Doohan's heart attack, which took place just before filming began.

The computer simulation of Genesis transforming a dead planet into a habitable one is the first complete computer-generated sequence ever used in a feature film. It is a direct brainchild of ex-Boeing engineer Loren Carpenter, whom after Boeing went on to join George Lucas' ILM. At Boeing in the late 1970s Carpenter discovered that Mandelbrot fractals could be used to create realistic mountain landscapes for computer animations of new aircraft designs, a previously intractable problem, and started a revolution in computer graphics and simulation.

In the DVD bonus feature "The Captain's Log", Ricardo Montalban says that once he committed to this film, he realized that he had trouble getting back into the character of Khan. After years of playing Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island (1977), he found that he was "stuck" in that character. He requested a tape of Star Trek: Space Seed (1967) from Paramount, and proceeded to watch it repeatedly. By the third or fourth watching, he had recaptured the essence of Khan's character.

Kirk and Khan never meet face to face during the movie. All of their interaction is through viewscreens or communicators. This was because Ricardo Montalban filmed his scenes separately from the main production in order to accommodate his schedule of filming Fantasy Island (1977).

When Khan shows Chekov and Reliant Captain Terrell the Ceti eels for the first time, he tells that these eels were responsible for the deaths of 20 of his people, including his "beloved wife". Although he never mentions her name or goes into any more detail about her, it is very likely that his wife was in fact the former Lt. Marla McGivers, the Enterprise historian who was seduced by Khan and helps him commandeer the ship in Star Trek: Space Seed (1967).

First Star Trek movie to feature the "red tunic" uniforms, used in every Original Series-based movie thereafter, and used on several occasions on Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987).

When Sci Fi Channel aired this movie on television, Leonard Nimoy appeared on-screen during commercial breaks, explaining various memories and trivia about the film. One of the items was the character backstory of Lt. Saavik (Kirstie Alley), who was intended to have Romulan/Vulcan heritage, which would have made her more emotional than a pureblood Vulcan. Three hints at this remain in the final film: during the Kobayashi Maru simulation, she says to herself, "Damn!"; she gasps in shock when Scotty appears on the bridge with midshipman Peters' injured body; and she is emotionally moved by Kirk's eulogy.
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