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A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent diabolical global disaster.
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Did you know? The major helicopter action sequence required an additional week of second unit work in order for it to be completed. Read More
as Bradley Fine
as Susan Cooper
as Rayna Boyanov
Supporting Actor
as Agent in Jetpack
as Casino Dealer
Supporting Actor
as Beautiful model
as Elaine Crocker
Supporting Actress
as Andrey Daniko
as Italian Guy #1
as Shopkeeper
as Italian Guy #2
as Male Model
as American Tourist
as Anton
as Sergio De Luca
as Matthew Wright
as Construction Worker #1
as Casino Manager
as Paris Waiter
as Laughing Girl #1
as Club Emcee
as Jaime the Gardener
as Casino Hostess
as Rick Ford
as Sharon
as Nicola
as Katherine
as Laughing Girl #2
as Construction Worker #3
as Casino Waiter
as Taxi Driver
as Pilot
as Patrick
as Nancy B. Artingstall
as Colin / Frederick
as Karen Walker
as Lia
as Drunken Guest at Paris Hotel
as Four Seasons Doorman
as Casino Bartender
as Tihomir Boyanov
as Solsa Dudaev
as DC the French Waiter
as John
as Hristo
as Alan the Bartender
as Cook
as Timothy Cress
as Rome Waiter
as Man in Purple Tie
as Construction Worker #2


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Audio/Video Mismatch
The BMW 740d in the car chase is a diesel, but the sounds coming from it are that of a petrol car. Very noticeable when it revs. The 4- or 3-Series later on in the film is a petrol, but has been given a V8-sounding note, which it doesn't have.

Near the end when Rick is hanging onto Susan who is hanging onto the helicopter, he pulls her boots off by accident. As Susan is walking with Nancy up to the mansion she is wearing flat shoes.

Crew/Equipment Visible
After clearing out the helicopter so that Susan is the only occupant, there is a wide angle shot showing a passenger in the back.

Errors in Geography
On arrival in Paris Susan takes a taxi journey past a number of Paris landmarks. That journey would take well over an hour in quiet traffic yet the taxi meter only reads 8.60 Euros on arrival at the hotel.

Errors in Geography
A Blue1 flight is shown landing in London and a LAN Airlines flight is shown landing in Rome. Those airlines do not service London or Rome, respectively.

Factual Mistake
When Susan Cooper is talking about the Rolls Royce Wraith she says it has a GPS satellite aided transmission and implies that the car can be tracked through that system. However, GPS itself is only able to determine the vehicles location and has no communication capabilities. The car would require a separate communication/tracking system such as LoJack to be tracked.

Revealing Mistakes
Having disposed of the other occupants of the helicopter Susan climbs in through the left-hand door and all the way across to the right hand seat. This is an almost impossible move due to the location of the controls, and is also completely pointless as she could equally pilot the helicopter from the left-hand seat.
During a scene between Melissa McCarthy and Swedish comedian Björn Gustafsson, she berates him to the point that he starts crying, to which he rejects the notion (though he obviously is). Moments later, he is killed. Whether as a reference or by coincidence, a very similar set-up happened in the short film Kung Fury (2015), in which his character in that film is berated to the point of crying moments before his death.

The picture was previously entitled with the working title of "Susan Cooper" which is the name of the central comic spy character portrayed by Melissa McCarthy. Reportedly, on 28th March 2014, the film's title was changed from "Susan Cooper" to "Spy".

Web publicity on Tumblr for the film publicizes James Bondish character Agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) as having such chattels as a 9mm gauge pistol weapon, Prada snakeskin loafer slip-on shoes, a concealed switchblade in his trouser plimsoll, and as having the beautiful face of an angel.

Defying the usual commercial Hollywood studio movie convention of pictures being first widely released or simultaneously launched in the USA, the film is having major debut releases in a number of non-US territories in late May 2015, which is anything up to around a fortnight prior to the movie's wide release stateside in early June 2015.

The labyrinth of limestone caves seen in the film stretch some twenty-three miles underneath a brewery in Buda, Hungary. They were originally excavated as quarries in the 1700s, and later re-purposed for beer storage. At various times they have been used as emergency shelters and even hidden hangers for Nazi aircraft. When the film was being shot, while the temperature above ground was mild, at the subterranean depth of the caves, breath condenses in the air, and crew-members donned winter hats and jackets for this reason.

The visually striking 1930s power plant control room location features rows of panels and an elliptical stained-glass ceiling thus appearing both equally period and futuristic at the same time. The structure has been likened by production designer Jefferson Sage as a "fantastical Flash Gordon (1980) spaceship bridge". Sage has said: "We knew if we used this location it would heighten the tone and style of the movie, and affect a number of decisions about other sets and locations. Did we want to push it that far?". Director Paul Feig replied: "Yes, I want this to play big visually".

First of two 2015 secret agent pictures starring actress Melissa McCarthy with the second being B.O.O.: Bureau of Otherworldly Operations.

The picture features two soundtracks, both stereophonic, one the "Spy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" featuring songs by various artists, totaling to fourteen song tracks, and the other, the "Spy Original Motion Picture Score", with the film's music score composed by music composer Theodore Shapiro, and totaling to twenty-two pieces of music. Artist and illustrator Paul Rogers who is based in Pasadena in Los Angeles County in California, USA, designed the original retro cover artwork for both of the Spy (2015) soundtrack albums.

This James Bond style comedy actually features an Aston Martin car, Aston Martin being a vehicle manufacturing company synonymous with the Bond franchise. The make and model of Aston Martin seen in Spy (2015) is a blue Aston Martin DB9 coupé.

The exterior square of the eye-catching shopping mall seen in the film is situated in Budapest, Hungary and is known as "The Whale". It is so named because of its glass-covered shape and riverside location. The sequence in the movie where Andrey Danilko and her band play their international hit tune "Dancing Lasha Tumbai" on a large stage at the north end of the square, featured more than three hundred extras and background artists.

Released the same weekend as Insidious: Chapter 3. Rose Byrne, who plays Rayna Boyanov in this movie, was also cast as Renai in the previous two Insidious films.

All of the principal cast of the movie share a scene together for the first and only time in the film on the vast front lawn of the large estate at Lake Balaton. This included actors Melissa McCarthy, Miranda Hart, Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Jason Statham,50 Cent and Peter Serafinowicz.

Melissa McCarthy's character in Mike & Molly (2010) was a school teacher, before she quit to become a writer. Similar to Spy (2015), her character was a school teacher before she quit to join the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).

First theatrical feature film of production company Feigco Entertainment, which is the production house of the film's writer-producer-director Paul Feig.

The picture was originally scheduled to be widely released in the USA on Memorial Day on Monday 25th May 2015 but this release date was pushed back to the 5th of June 2015.

The major helicopter action sequence required an additional week of second unit work in order for it to be completed.

Actors 50 Cent and Jason Statham both previously appeared in the movie 13 (2010) around five years earlier.

The production notes for the picture state that the movie "was inspired by [the] James Bond movies" franchise. "They set out to make a comedy in the visual style of those iconic films, with sweeping shots, striking backdrops and convincing action sequences".

The picture premiered at SXSW (the South by Southwest Film Festival) on 15th March 2015 which was the same place as director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy's earlier Bridesmaids (2011) had debuted.

Paul Feig performed a number of roles in this picture. He was the film's director, a producer, and the screen-writer.

The official 20th Century Fox studio synopsis for the film reads: "Susan Cooper [Melissa McCarthy] is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global disaster".

The principal photography production shoot period for this picture ran for about twelve weeks.

The picture's largest set construction was the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Communications Room.

According to Hollywood covering website 'The Wrap', the picture has been "...developed as a potential franchise in the same tone as The Heat (2013)".

The second 20th Century Fox feature film to shoot in the city of Budapest, Hungary in recent years with the previous one being the fifth Bruce Willis "Die Hard" franchise movie A Good Day to Die Hard (2013).

The name of the Italian casino in Rome, Italy was the "Casino Di Roma". This picture was inspired by the earlier James Bond film Casino Royale (2006) which had been made and released just under about a decade earlier. The upcoming James Bond movie Spectre (2015) utilizes Rome in Lazio, Italy as a filming location.

With the lensing of Spy (2015), director of photography Robert D. Yeoman shot a picture digitally for the first time ever.

Three cast members have all starred in a marvel comic book adaption. Rose Byrne starred in X-Men: First Class (2011), Will Yun Lee starred in The Wolverine (2013) and Peter Serafinowicz starred in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

Several of the performers in the film are regulars in the movies of director Paul Feig. These include actors Jamie Denbo, Jessica Chaffin and Katie Dippold.

"The film's scenic international locations and spy-thriller orientation have called forth a much higher level of technical polish than usual for a studio comedy" according to show-business trade paper 'Variety'.

The high majority of regions that debuted the film in major wide theatrical release early around 20-22 May 2015 prior to its North American distribution were in the southern hemisphere in the Asia-Pacific region.

The final two weeks of production filming were shot on sound-stages. Of this period, the final ten days of principal photography were shot on the sound-stage featuring the gigantic CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) Communications Room.

Some of the preview prints at early screenings didn't feature any end billing and closing credits.

This James Bond style comedy picture features a fight action sequence in a restaurant kitchen. Bond pictures that have featured kitchen fights include the official Bond movie The Living Daylights (1987) and the unofficial Bond film Never Say Never Again (1983).

Actress Rose Byrne portrays a character, Raina Boyanov, who has the same "R.B." initials as her own.

Suave debonair secret agent spy characters like James Bond and Spy (2015)'s Bradley Fine (Jude Law) are suitably known for being well-attired. Spy (2015)'s director Paul Feig was named one of Esquire's "Best Dressed Men of 2012" - the same year that the Bond film Skyfall (2012) debuted - and as "The Best Dressed Man in Hollywood" in Esquire's "Winter 2012 Black Book Edition".

Actresses Allison Janney and Morena Baccarin were cast in the picture around 30th April 2014.

Actress Rose Byrne was cast in the movie around 17th October 2014.

The partner agent concept is very similar to TV show Fortune Hunter (1994) which has the weekly adventures of former British agent Carlton Dial, who now works for a private corporation called Intercept, which is in the business of recovering stolen property. Dial uses the latest in technological gadgetry to complete his missions, and relies on his nerdy partner Harry Flask for help from headquarters.

The nickname of CIA Agent Richard Ford (Jason Statham) was "Rick".

Ben Falcone: the husband of star Melissa McCarthy as an American Tourist.

Björn Gustafsson: The Swedish comedian makes a cameo.

Paul Feig: Uncredited, as a drunken guest at a Parisian hotel.

Melissa McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, made a cameo - as he's done in several of her movies - as the tourist asking for directions to Popeye's when Melissa's character Susan Cooper is facing off against would-be assassins.

Writer, producer, and director Paul Feig makes a cameo as the drunk guest who walks into a wall in the hallway when Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) arrives at her hotel in Paris.

Filipino Martial Arts are used for the movie's fight scenes. Melissa McCarthy was trained in Kali by Diana Lee Inosanto.

Star Melissa McCarthy has said that the film is the most physically taxing she has ever done. McCarthy has said of the mis-haps and accidents that befell her during the making of the movie: "Running, jumping, falling. I've cracked my head, I have cuts and bruises. At the end of the day I look like I fell down an elevator shaft. But I wear those wounds and thrown discs with a bit of pride". Stunt Co-ordinator J.J. Perry has also said: "We have a great stunt double (Luci Romberg) for Melissa, but once we saw how good Melissa was we were able to ask even more of her." Perry has also praised McCarthy's s impressive ability to learn and retain choreography, saying, "She was in there with some heavy-hitting action stars, which can be intimidating, but she more than held her own. Her work ethic is outstanding".

Paul Feig, the film's writer-director and a producer, wrote, developed, made and directed the picture, because he knew that no one would ever let him ever direct a real James Bond film himself.

Screenwriter Paul Feig, who once was an aspiring stuntman himself, is a fan of Jason Statham's action movies. Feig tailored Statham's Rick Ford character in the film especially for the actor to play.

The character of Nancy (Miranda Hart) was tailored and especially written for the actress by director-screenwriter Paul Feig.

The Hungarian capital city of Budapest in Hungary doubled for both the capital cities of Paris in France and Rome in Italy.

Third collaboration between actress Melissa McCarthy and writer-director'Paul Feig' after The Heat (2013) and Bridesmaids (2011).

Stunt co-ordinator J.J. Perry has said of the kitchen fight sequence: "The kitchen fight took two days to complete and demonstrated [director] Paul [Feig]'s commitment to ramping up the action. He's an enthusiast of 1980s 'Jackie Chan' movies, as am I, so I had a good idea what he wanted: low, wide-angle impact shots coming into the lens. It's funny, kinetic and violent".

Star Melissa McCarthy has said of her Susan Cooper central character: "Susan's always had ability, and is great technically and tactically, but she lacked confidence. Now her field experiences and loyalty to Jude's [Jude Law's] character, Bradley Fine, begin to bring out her full potential. She discovers talents she didn't know she had". Moreover, the film's writer-director Paul Feig has said: "I read that women make better spies than men because they're generally better at reading physical cues, gaining trust and using intuition. This is Susan Cooper. She doesn't rely on brawn - she has to figure things out as she goes along. I enjoy working with and empowering women, and was intrigued by the idea of creating a female trio of protagonist, sidekick and adversary".

The fight sequence in a Hungarian restaurant kitchen in Budapest, where Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) and an assassin played by Nargis Fakhri engage in a fight to the finish, included fruits, turkey legs, vegetables, and cooking utensils, and resulted in food, pots and pans going flying about everywhere. The pre-production of the sequence took weeks of rehearsing, choreographing and pre-visioning the fight on computer.

The film's production designer Jefferson Sage has said of filming in the capital city of Hungary: "Budapest usually only cheats for other places, but when [director] Paul [Feig] scouted the city he was so impressed he changed most of the story to take place here - much in the way he decided to let Boston play itself instead of doubling for New York in The Heat (2013). Budapest has grandeur and a nice mix of architectural styles, along with an Eastern European exoticism that lends a wonderful mystique to the story".

At the film's premiere in March 2015, the picture was not completed, with director Paul Feig stating that the film's music and color timing were still being tweaked. The movie also launched without any end closing credits as well.

The Bradley Fine character played by Jude Law is considered to be a James Bond persona type whilst the Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) character is likened to be a female James Bond type. The Rick Ford character portrayed by Jason Statham is described in the film's press kit as a cross between John Rambo and Inspector Clouseau.

For the flight sequence on-board Raina Boyanov (Rose Byrne)'s private jet where a nosedive forces a zero gravity effect of weightlessness, Special Effects Supervisor Yves De Bono had the plane mounted on a 20-degree gimbal, allowing it to tilt and swivel in any direction. Movement was hydraulically controlled from the ground, and both cast and stunt team were harnessed to cables to simulate floating. Byrne spent time in a swimming pool practicing controlling her physical motions to prepare for the sequence, which required a week to complete. Both Byrne and Melissa McCarthy had the giggles at various points in the scene, with Melissa quipping, "It must be the altitude". As the plane dips up and down on the gimbal, she joked to director Paul Feig, "If the plane is rockin', don't come a knockin!".

Writer-director-producer Paul Feig first began working on the film, a comic version of a James Bond film, and then known as "Susan Cooper", around five years ago circa 2010, after seeing the James Bond movie Casino Royale (2006). Feig has said: "A funny Casino Royale (2006) is my goal".

To date [May, 2015], at around a US $65 million budget, this movie is the biggest ever budgeted picture directed by writer-producer-director Paul Feig.

The Bond-like song heard during the Bondesque opening title credits sequence is called "Who Can You Trust" and is sung by Ivy Levan.

Third of four collaborations of director Paul Feig and actress Melissa McCarthy after The Heat (2013) and Bridesmaids (2011) and who will be both working together for the fourth time in the upcoming Ghostbusters (2016) remake.

This is the third film that actors Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have worked on together.

Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne both starred together in Bridesmaids (2011), also directed by Paul Feig.

Reportedly, the film was inspired by the re-boot of the official James Bond movie series, with Casino Royale (2006) starring Daniel Craig, which writer-director-producer Paul Feig said to show-business trade paper 'Variety' ranks as one of his favorite ever movies.

The production filmed in the lavish interiors of the Four Season's Gresham Palace in Budapest, Hungary. The venue is widely regarded as one of Europe's most elegant hotels. Situated on the east bank of the Danube River, overlooking the Chain Bridge and Castle Hill on the Buda side, the Gresham Palace was built in 1906, and remains one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau/Secessionist buildings. The palace was damaged in 1944 when retreating Nazis blew up the Chain Bridge, and it stood in disrepair for decades. The Four Seasons took painstaking effort to restore the building, including the beautiful mosaics, using materials from Venice that comprised the originals. It opened as flagship luxury hotel in 2004. Reportedly, the film has been the first movie allowed to film inside, and the production took full advantage, showcasing the crystal ice chandelier and exquisite high-ceilinged lobby where Raina Boyanov (Rose Byrne) makes a grand entrance with Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) and a bodyguard in tow. The palace's sidewalks were also used for filming, including a scene where Susan jumps on a moped and gives chase to a would-be assassin through the streets of Budapest.

The man asking Melissa McCarthy's character where the Popeyes is is her husband.

Fourth comedy movie of actor Jason Statham after Mean Machine Snatch. (2000) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998).

The first trailer was released by Melissa McCarthy on Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2003) on 12th January 2015.

Most of the movie was filmed around the world famous Lake Balaton which is situated in the Transdanubian District of Hungary in Eastern Europe the latter being a traditional cold war espionage story element. Reportedly, Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe.

Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) used two wrestling moves in this movie. They were Hurricanrana and German Suplex.

Filming featured shooting at the picturesque Lake Balaton, the largest inland lake in Europe, located an hour-and-a-half drive from Budapest, Hungary. Two lakeside villas served as unique practical locations in the film. The first, located on the northern shore of the lake, is "story set" on the Black Sea in Bulgaria, where suave agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) flees from gunmen after a botched assignment and makes his way to an escape speedboat. The second villa, even more luxuriant, plays itself, so to speak, and is situated forty minutes away, near the popular tourist village of Balatonfured. The filmmakers did an aerial reconnaissance around the entire lake to discover this property, which sits majestically atop a multi-acre beautiful lawn that slopes to the shoreline. This 19th century villa was at one time a hotel before becoming private property. The front doors open to a grand staircase, fit for royalty. Or, in this case, De Luca (Bobby Cannavale), who resides here when not frequenting Italian casinos. Actor Cannavale has said: "The house helps me get into character. I think, 'I own this'. It's as if De Luca found this elaborate staircase and made them build a house around it. He's never content. He doesn't share his toys and always wants more". The large estate accommodated a planned helicopter landing and take-off for one of the film's climactic scenes.

Intricate action scenes and helicopter green-screen shots were filmed on back-lots and sound-stages at the Fot and Origo studios in Budapest, Hungary.

This film's writer-director Paul Feig has said of this movie: "I'm a big fan of spy movies, and I wanted to create a broad action comedy in that genre. The comedy comes from the characters. It's not a spoof or satire. The danger and action are genuine. We wanted it to have the tone of a spy film, but still be as funny as we could make it. I also wanted to create a relatable story in which we could all wonder, 'If I was recruited as a spy and sent on a mission, how might I react? Melissa [Melissa McCarthy] is perfect for the role because, despite being extraordinarily talented, she can still play the 'every person' and elicit a profound sense of empathy and support".

One of the main movie posters for the film has actress Melissa McCarthy holding a gun James Bond spy-style with the poster completely tinted in gold evoking the early James Bond film Goldfinger (1964) and the gold covered Bond Girl portrayed by actress Shirley Eaton.

Like Spy Hard (1996) and Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010) before it, the picture's entire opening title credit sequence is a homage and reference to the style of James Bond film opening sequence titles.

The total number of toxic substances that secret agent Rick Ford (Jason Statham) claimed that he was immune to over the course of the film was 179.

On July 25, 2013, it was confirmed that Melissa McCarthy was in negotiations to play the title role of Susan Cooper, a female comic version of James Bond.

Spy (2015) is being released in the same 2015 year as such other big spy espionage films as Kingsman: The Secret Service (2014), Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) and Spectre (2015)
Filming Start Date:
31 Mar 2014