Speed (1994)

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In a downtown highrise building in Los Angeles, a psychopathic bomber and extortionist rigs an elevator full of people to plummet into the basement if his $3-million demand is not met. When SWAT Officers Jack Traven and Harry Temple foil the bomber's plan and rescue the hostages, the bomber retaliates. First he blows up a city bus, then contacts Traven to warn him that a second bus has a bomb attached to it. Once that bus hits 50mph, the bomb is armed. If it drops below 50, it will explode. The bomber also warns Jack that if any attempt at rescue is made, the bomb will also explode. Jack races down the freeway and manages to board the bus. When an accident injures the driver, young bus passenger Annie is forced to take over behind the wheel and keep the bus running at 50 in order to stay alive. Will Jack and his fellow SWAT members be able to stop the psychopathic bomber - or will the Innocent passengers be killed when the bus runs out of fuel?

Cast: Dennis Hopper, Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock

Crew: Jan De Bont (Director), Andrzej Bartkowiak (Director of Photography), Mark Mancina (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 10 Jun 1994 (India)

Tagline: Get ready for rush hour

English Name: Speed

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Did you know? Filming at the airport took around three weeks. Was made slightly difficult when a plane's engine was being tested and it was extremely noisy. Read More
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Get ready for rush hour
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Factual Mistake
Elevators' emergency brakes must engage faster than that, otherwise they would be useless if the car fell when nearer the base of the shaft.

Factual Mistake
A bus jumping a gap in an unfinished freeway would nosedive, not jump up and soar across to the other side. Director Jan de Bont has admitted getting around this by having the bus drive up a ramp.

Factual Mistake
Several scenes are shown of the bus with its rear doors open while moving. A safety feature does not allow the rear doors of transit buses to open until the bus is at a dead stop, with the brakes applied.

Factual Mistake
Payne's submachine gun is just a small one with a fairly short magazine that could only hold a maximum of about thirty rounds; there is no way he could have fired that many long bursts before he finally ran out of ammunition.

Revealing Mistakes
When the bus is landing after jumping over the gap in the freeway, you can see that it is completely empty with nobody on board.

Revealing Mistakes
When the bus is landing after jumping over the gap in the freeway, you can see that it is completely empty with nobody on board.

Revealing Mistakes
When the elderly woman refuses to be helped out of the elevator that is about to drop twenty floors, the floor outside the elevator can be seen through a hole in the bottom left hand corner of the elevator, revealing the fact that it is only one or, at most, two floors up.

Revealing Mistakes
Although the last shot from inside the bus before the jump shows the roadway simply ending, once looking from outside the bus we see it run over something just at the end of the road, then rise suddenly above road level. Obviously this is an end view of a ramp.

Revealing Mistakes
In the bus jump on the freeway, the missing bridge section is cut out digitally. However, the shadow of that part of the bridge is still visible.

At different stages in the movie, Harry's limp fluctuates between left and right leg.

At the beginning of the movie after Jack has hooked up the crane from outside to the lift, there is a shot of the crane outside, and the line going through the vent. If you look closely there is a pipe in front of the vent, yet when the crane goes through the vent, the pipe has vanished.

Annie's ring changes frequently.

Joe Morton's character is referred to as "Lieutenant McMahon" throughout the film, but in the credits the character is listed as "Captain McMahon."

Skid marks are already visible on the tarmac when Jack and Harry turn up at the building where the bombed elevator is.

Crew/Equipment Visible
When Jack is talking to Howard Payne at the pay phone, the boom mic is reflected in the phone in several shots.

Character Error
After the discovery of the bomber's identity and place of residence. Jack listens as his partner gives the details then after they hang up the phone, Jack says to himself, "Come on Henry, save my ass," vs "Come on Harry..." The partner's name is Harry, not Henry.

Character Error
The SWAT team members are all sans helmets when they respond to the elevator-hostage crisis.

Audio/Video Mismatch
Several times throughout the film characters say things when their lips do not move. For example, when Jack is under the bus defusing the bomb, a piece of rubber runs up under his cart. Jack says, "Fuck me!" but his lips do not move.

Audio/Video Mismatch
As Jack is driving his truck up the freeway on ramp, the camera switches to a side on view. Jack sounds his horn several times, but both of his hands remain on the steering wheel. In previous/subsequent shots, when Jack sounds the horn, his hands leave the wheel and press the horn ring inside the steering wheel.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When Payne says to Jack, "Ok, but I want you back *real fast*," what he is actually saying is, "I want you back in 10 minutes." The scene was dubbed to give Jack a little more leeway - he is obviously gone longer than the allotted 10 minutes.
In the original screenplay, Howard Payne's name was Howard Fisk.

Some of the shots of the subway train as it runs off the rails are of a miniature model.

Filming at the airport took around three weeks. Was made slightly difficult when a plane's engine was being tested and it was extremely noisy.

When the police were looking at police mugshots, the first photograph was of David MacMillan, who is a sound mixer on the film.

The bus jump scene was not in the original script, director Jan de Bont came up with the idea one day when he was driving around Los Angeles and noticed one section of the I-105 freeway was missing.

The subway train that comes crashing up onto Hollywood Blvd at the ending was actually a bus, decked out to look like a subway train.

Director Jan de Bont came up with the idea for the opening elevator sequence while working as a cinematographer on Die Hard (1988). While riding in an elevator in the building used as the skyscraper in that film, the elevator got stuck on the 40th floor, and de Bont had to climb out the escape hatch and jump onto another elevator to get out.

Jan de Bont insisted that Keanu Reeves get a sensible haircut as would befit a hard-working cop. 20th Century Fox were horrified when they saw the buzzcut that he adopted for the film, threatening to postpone the film to allow his hair to grow back.

A special bus was used for the bus jump scene. This bus was modified so that it could reach a speed of 70 mph and it was equipped with powerful shock absorbers. The driver seat was moved back 15 feet so that if something went wrong the driver wasn't ejected from the bus. The seat itself was a suspension mechanism between the ceiling and the bus floor to avoid the driver from suffering spinal compression on impact.

Keanu Reeves did approximately 90% of his own stunts.

Keanu Reeves breaking the glass on the bus door in the beginning of the movie was an accident, however it was left in the final cut.

The scene in which Annie (Sandra Bullock) takes the chewing gum out of her mouth and pretends to put it on her seat in order to have an excuse to change seats and move away from the obnoxious Stephens was improvised by Bullock.

There was an instance where a schoolboy saved the lives of a schoolbus full of kids, when the driver had a heart attack, by climbing on to the driver's lap, jumping on the brake pedal and pulling the bus to the side of the road. When asked later why he did it, he told them that he had seen "that bus movie". At half time during an NFL game, there was a ceremony hailing the boy as a hero.

Script doctor Joss Whedon rewrote the script unaccredited. According to Graham Yost, the credited writer of Speed, Whedon wrote most of its dialogue.

Sandra Bullock actually learned to drive a bus for the film, passing her test on her first attempt.
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