Snowden (2016)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 14 mins

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NSA employee Edward Snowden leaks classified information from the National Security Agency to the mainstream media.
See Storyline (May Contain Spoilers)

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Melissa Leo, Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto

Crew: Oliver Stone (Director), Anthony Dod Mantle (Director of Photography), Adam Peters (Music Director), Craig Armstrong (Music Director)

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Biography

Release Dates: 16 Sep 2016 (India), 15 Sep 2016 (UAE)

Tagline: One nation under surveillance for liberty and justice for all.

English Name: Snowden

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Did you know? Oliver Stone visited the real Snowden after filming wrapped and showed him a work-in-progress cut of the film. Read More
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as Edward Snowden
as Laura Poitras
as Lindsay Mills
as Glenn Greenwald
as Moderator
as Girl - Tong Lau Hong Kong
as Robert Tibbo
as Gabriel Sol
as CIA Psychologist
as Epilepsy Doctor
as CIA Supervisor
as Edward Snowden
as NSA Tunnel Guard 1
as Diplomat Party Guest
as Drill Sergeant
as Janine Gibson
as Patrick Haynes
as Warrenton Gate Guard
as Male Drone Pilot
as Mother - Tong Lau Hong Kong
as CIA Student
as Assistant Editor Guardian
as Hank Forrester
as CIA Interviewer
as NSA Dep. Director Lowell
as CIA Polygraph Adminstrator
as Corbin O'Brian
as Dr Stilwell
as Trevor James
as NSA Tunnel Guard 2
as Female Drone Pilot
as CIA Agent Geneva
as Ewen MacAskill


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Feature Film
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One nation under surveillance for liberty and justice for all.
The only safe place is on the run.
Factual Mistake
Despite being portrayed as an extremely skilled hacker, Snowden uses drag-and-drop to copy the files to his microSD card in the Hawaii NSA base, exposing himself to being found, a hacker, would have used the command line, and would have minimized the window so it wouldn't stay visible on the screen.

When Snowden throws his credentials on the bed to prove the journalist who he is, their position changes between shots.

When Corbin writes FISA on the board, the text changes between shots, with the circle surrounding it.

When Snowden leaves his hotel room for the last time a cellphone can be seen inside the microwave oven.
Due to fear of interference by the National Security Agency, Stone decided to shoot the film mostly outside of the United States.

Timothy Olyphant and Zachary Quinto have previously starred in both the Hitman movies.

Melissa Leo plays the role of Laura Poitras, the director of the critically acclaimed documentary Citizenfour, which chronicles the aftermath and effects of Edward Snowden's actions

Tom Wilkinson has previously played Joseph P. Kennedy in The Kennedys

'Snowden' is Oliver Stone's first directed film in 4 years since 'Savages'.

Margot Robbie was offered the role of Lindsay Mills, but she was unable to take it due to scheduling conflict.

Shailene Woodley had learned how to pole dance for her role as Lindsay Mills

Nicolas Cage had previously played the lead in Oliver Stone's World Trade Center.

Oliver Stone visited the real Snowden after filming wrapped and showed him a work-in-progress cut of the film.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt's first day of shooting was Snowden's basic training in the Army.
Filming Start Date:
16 Feb 2015