Right Here, Right Now (2003)

 ●  English ● 28 mins

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A young man in his haste to go some place takes two actions - he screams at his mother for making him late, and he lovingly appreciates his brother's painting. By doing so, he strikes off two cycles - one of frustration and sorrow and the other of love and joy. His mother vents out her anger on her maidservant. His brother gifts the painting to his girl friend. Thus begins the cycles of sorrow and joy, forming a Domino stairway, leading to an unknown doorway. After shaking hands with 15 other characters and traveling through 17 locations, in just two shots, both the cycles meet at the end in an attempt to give a logical understanding to the seemingly absurd human life. It's a humorous look at the bizarreness of the cosmic accident, otherwise known as life.

Cast: Parul Bheda, Sanjay Bhatia

Crew: Anand Gandhi (Director), Anand Gandhi (Director of Photography), Sidharth Meer (Director of Photography), Sachin Sanghvi (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 22 Jul 2003 (India)

Tagline: 28 minutes, 17 locations, 19 characters, 2 shots, 1 cut. Right here, Right now.

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as The Maid Servant
as Chandni's Father
as The Car Guy
as The Younger Brother
as The Young Man
as The Doctor
as The Grandmother
as The Employer
as Maid's Daughter
as Maid's Daughter's Boyfriend
as The Driver
as The Young Man
as The Grand Duaghter
as The Employee
as The Coconut Man


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Short Film
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28 minutes, 17 locations, 19 characters, 2 shots, 1 cut. Right here, Right now.