Pain & Gain (2014)

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'Pain and Gain' is based on the true story of Daniel Lugo– a Miami bodybuilder who wants to live the American dream. Although he runs a lucrative gym, he dreams of leading a lifestyle filled with opulence and luxury. So, he enlists the help of fellow bodybuilders, Adrian Doorbal and Paul Doyle (Dwayne Johnson); along with an ex-convict, Christian. They scheme to steal the wealth and lifestyle of one of Daniel's clients but their kidnapping and extortion scheme goes terribly wrong, leaving them hopelessly grasping at wisps of the elusive American dream.

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Wahlberg

Crew: Michael Bay (Director), Ben Seresin (Director of Photography), Steve Jablonsky (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Crime, Comedy, Drama, Thriller

Release Dates: 26 Apr 2014 (India)

Tagline: This is a true story

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Did you know? Director Michael Bay wanted Mark Wahlberg to be as tan as possible. So Mark Wahlberg, throughout filming, had to get a full-body fake tan every week for the movie. Read More
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as Adrian Doorbal
as Paul Doyle
as Daniel Lugo
as Sorina Luminita
as Brad McCalister
as Ed DuBois
as Carolyn 'Cissy' DuBois
Supporting Actor
as Krisztina Furton
as Detective Costello
as Johnny Wu
as Pastor Randy
as Frank Griga
as Home Depot Employee
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
as Dr. Bjornson
Supporting Actor
as Robin Peck
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as John Mese
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
as Gym Patron
as Captain Lopez
as Victor Kershaw
Supporting Actress
as Detective Haworth
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
as Analee Calvera
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This is a true story
Their American Dream Is Bigger Than Yours
Filming Locations:
The gang used what looked like an M26 TASER against Victor in 1995 but the M-series TASER was not released until 1999. Although, they did release an earlier version of the TASER in 1994 but it was not the one used in the film.

One of the members of the S.W.A.T. team that went after Daniel Lugo in the beginning of the film had a MAGPUL magazine on his rifle as he exited the APC. The MAGPUL magazine grip was not introduced until 1999, but the film takes place in 1995.

Factual Mistake
The Crown Victoria models used in the movie are second generation that were produced from 1998 to 2011, since the movie takes place in 1995, they should be first generation 1995 1998, or Chevrolet Caprice Classic 2nd generation.

Factual Mistake
Dade County officially changed its name to Miami-Dade County on November 13, 1997, but throughout the movie we see police cars marked as Miami-Dade.

Factual Mistake
One of the vehicles purchased with the loot is a Plymouth Prowler. The Prowler didn't come out until 1997.

Factual Mistake
Danny Lugo is wearing a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses but the lenses are the P model (with polarized lenses) which came out in 2012. You can clearly see the "P" on the lenses.

Factual Mistake
The Miami Dolphins jersey worn in the doctor's office didn't come out until 1997, the movie takes place in 1995 - 1996.

When Lugo gets back to the dry cleaners and scolds Doyle for barbequeing the victim's hands outside, they walk back inside to finish chopping up the bodies. If you look closely you can see that Griga's hand is still attached to his body

When 'The Rock' is drinking iced tea at the church, the lime falls out of the glass and onto the ground as the glass is handed to him, but is back in the glass for the following scenes.
Anthony Mackie put on 17 pounds of muscle for the role and bulked up to 213 pounds. He had only 3 weeks to train before filming began.

Dwayne Johnson bulked up to nearly 300 pounds for his role.

The home of Frank Griga's character belongs to Michael Bay. It is also the former Miami home of Hulk Hogan. The house was used in the Miami seasons of "Hogan Knows Best".

In the scene where Doyle (Johnson) is in prison fighting with the inmates, one of those inmates is professional wrestler Kurt Angle. Johnson is famously known as "The Rock". The two of them have had man professional wrestling matches in the WWE against each other over their respective careers. Angle is credited as a stunt man for the film.

Michael Bay delayed making this film multiple times in favor of the Transformers series. He specifically said he wanted to make a small inexpensive film as a change of pace.

At just over 20 million dollars, the film stands as Michael Bay's lowest-budgeted film since his feature film debut Bad Boys. He, Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson took pay cuts to keep the budget down.

For his role as a body builder, 'Mark Wahlberg' bulked up to 212 pounds for this film.

Michael Bay's first R-rated movie since Bad Boys II.

Mark Wahlberg said that his sons loved the enormous, muscular, body-builder physique that he was sporting during filming of this film but his daughters hated it.

Mark Wahlberg was in the process of trying out supplements for his own line of body-building products while bulking up for his movie. So he said he effectively got a body-builder physique by using his own products.

Director Michael Bay wanted Mark Wahlberg to be as tan as possible. So Mark Wahlberg, throughout filming, had to get a full-body fake tan every week for the movie.