No Way Out (1987)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 51 mins

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In Washington, the Defense Secretary David Brice has a political dispute with Senator William 'Billy' Duvall about the project of a submarine. He asks his advisor Scott Pritchard to invite the Navy Lieutenant Commander Tom Farrell, who has become a national hero after rescuing a sailor during a storm, to join his team. Farrell meets Susan Atwell in a party and they have a torrid love affair. Farrell Learns that Susan is Brice's mistress but he falls in love with her. They spend a weekend together and when they return to Susan's apartment, Brice rings the bell. The upset Farrell leaves the apartment and sees Brice waiting for Susan. Brice has an argument with Susan and pushes her from the balcony. She falls on a glass table and dies. Brice panics and reports the accident to Pritchard. However, the Machiavellian chief of staff accuses the imaginary Soviet mole Yuri of murdering Susan. Farrell is assigned to lead the investigations to find the identity of Yuri, and gets in serious situation with the presence of witnesses of his weekend with Susan and the regeneration of a Polaroid photo that was found in Susan's apartment.
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Cast: Kevin Costner, Sean Young

Crew: Roger Donaldson (Director), Alun Bollinger (Director of Photography), John Alcott (Director of Photography), Maurice Jarre (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Release Dates: 04 Aug 1987 (India)

Tagline: A tightly wound and engrossing thriller!

English Name: No Way Out

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Did you know? The dialogue in the limo scene in which Tom asks the driver to raise the screen was improvised and initiated by Kevin Costner. As the other actors' reactions seemed more natural then the scripted version, it was kept in the final print. Read More
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as Tom Farrell
as Susan Atwell
as Maori Dancer
as Cab Driver
as C.I.D. Man
as C.I.D. Man
as Airport Cop
as Technician
as Maori Dancer
as C.I.D. Man
as Technician
as Mate
as Reporter
as Lorraine
as C.I.D. Man
as Marshall
as Enlisted Man
as David Brice
as Sam Hesselman
as Limo Driver
as Technician
as Quartermaster
as Senator Duvall
as Major Donovan
as Marine Guard #1
as Man with Lighter
as Technician
as Maori Dancer
as Programmer
as Lt. John Chadway
as C.I.D. Man
as Margaret Brice
as Band Singer
as Ensign Fox
as Kevin O'Brien
as Maori Dancer
as Contra #1
as Bellboy
as J.O.D.
as C.I.D. Man
as Schiller
as Cup Breaker
as Computer Clerk
as Seaman Dufor
as Marine Guard #2
as C.I.D. Man
as Filipino Urchin
as Maori Dancer
as N.Z. Ambassador
as Helmsman
as Scott Pritchard


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Feature Film
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A tightly wound and engrossing thriller!
Don't mess with people who have other people
Is it a crime of passion, or an act of treason?
Errors in Geography
The goons chase Farrell to a Metro station in Georgetown, but there is no such station. Furthermore, the train in the Metro station belongs to the Baltimore Metro, not the Washington Metro.

Character Error
When the gift list is printing, one item is misspelled as "Gold Brooch/Diamonmd". (at around 1h 30 mins)

Audio/Video Mismatch
The Polaroid camera used by Susan to take Tom's picture makes the sound of an SX-70 model's auto eject, but is an older model with a manual film extract.
Kevin Costner did actually rollover the hood of a moving car during one of the chase sequences. According to the film's original press material, an insurance executive approached director Roger Donaldson after that stunt and said: "Don't you ever... ever... EVER... do that again!"

In addition to the Orion Pictures Corporation studio, filming locations were Annapolis (the sailing scene); Maryland; Arlington; Virginia; Baltimore; Washington DC; and even Auckland, New Zealand. The Pentagon wouldn't allow filming inside the building (the hallway scenes were filmed at the Dept of Interior), but they did allow the entrance to make an appearance, just as long as they shot the scene quickly (the reason Costner rushes to the lobby). The breakfast scene between Brice and Pritchard was filmed at the Hotel Washington.

The dialogue in the limo scene in which Tom asks the driver to raise the screen was improvised and initiated by Kevin Costner. As the other actors' reactions seemed more natural then the scripted version, it was kept in the final print.