Neighbors (2014)

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A couple with a newborn baby move into a new neighborhood and face unexpected difficulties following the establishment of a fraternity house in the adjacent residence, leading to escalating conflict between the two parties.
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Did you know? There was ample room for improvisation and trying out of all the bizarre spontaneous ideas in the movie. There were also myriad jokes cracked, especially about penis size! Read More
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The basic philosophy behind this film is the idea to make the types of movies that team themselves get excited about seeing. Whether it's a success or not the goal is always to make the types of movies that we, as just movie fans, would be psyched to go see.

Initially, Rogen and Goldberg had trouble with the studio wanting to change too much of the film, but they negotiated to a low enough budget with the studio that they have been able to make the movie exactly the way they originally intended.

Rogen and Goldberg confirm that writer Jason Mantzoukas (who also plays Rafi on FX’s 'The League') helped them make the film’s script coherent by making Rose Byrne’s character an active participant in Rogen’s war against the fraternity.

Efron and Rogen first noticed they had great chemistry at the film’s first table read.

Many closely-held fears about married life, getting older, and the possibility of having children have been dealt with in the movie.

Efron used to live weights intensely in between takes for a lot of the scenes. Stoller says he never touched Efron’s abs during production.

Mintz-Plasse, Franco, and Carmichael got drunk together before shooting the film and developed an extremely graphic, “homoerotic” handshake for the fraternity.

There was ample room for improvisation and trying out of all the bizarre spontaneous ideas in the movie. There were also myriad jokes cracked, especially about penis size!

Barinholtz met Seth Rogen when they did 'Eastbound & Down' a few years ago, and Barinholtz used that connection to land an audition for 'Neighbors'. He plays Jimmy Blevins, who is the best friend of Rogen’s character, Mack.

Apparently, writers usually don’t get treated well on film sets, but since the key players in the movie started out as writers, a very friendly and kind atmosphere was created for the writers of the movie.

An experimental new editing method with Avid was used in the movie to take out actors who are distracting in the background of shots and replace them with their better takes.

The Gasper Noe film 'Enter the Void' had a huge influence on the visual aesthetic of this movie.

Apparently there was supposed to be a scene with “poop everywhere,” where poop was being handled and thrown amongst characters, but everyone agreed it was too distasteful to make the final cut.

Since this was a frat movie, they wanted to make it a hard “R,” so people could say and do whatever they wanted, and always pushed for scenes to be as inappropriate as possible with the fraternity.

Mintz-Plasse plays a character named “Scoonie” who has a massive penis, which the actor estimates is supposed to be about 14 inches long. He had to wear a “rig” to highlight his character’s large genitals that was extremely uncomfortable, but the rig allowed them to depict his character’s sexual arousal. Mintz-Plasse was specifically chosen to play the role because the team felt that his small stature and overconfidence would make him very funny in the role.

This movie was shot with digital cameras because digital allows for more takes, which works better for Stoller’s improvisational style.

Efron and Rogen feel that their characters both do villainous things to each other, but they also can be sympathetic at times. The film has no clear-cut villains or heroes.
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