Mood Indigo (2013)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 34 mins

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A man sees his fortune dwindle after his wife develops a strange condition requiring that she always be surrounded by fresh flowers, or she will die.
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Did you know? This film is based on a novel written by the famous French writer Boris Vian, who was a jazz music passionate and also a singer. Read More
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as Chick
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as Douglas 1 bis
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as Ombre geante
as Femme vitrine 2
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as Duke Ellington
as Femme vitrine 1
as Laurent Lafitte de la comédie française
as La fleuriste
as La duchesse de Bovouard
as Le Chuiche
as Douglas 1
as Employee chariot
as Garcon Flore
as Douglas 2
as La marchande de remèdes
as Le chef du personnel
as Douglas 3
as Nicolas
as Employee Google 2
as Le 1er docteur
as Jean-Sol Partre
as Employe gifle
as La souris
as Voix du DJ Varlet
as Fille rousse patron hotel
as Le religieux
as Le senechal
as Patron hotel
as Le directeur de l'usine d'armement


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When Nicolas brings breakfast to Chloé and Colin the first time, the long shot from the back of the bedroom shows him entering the bedroom but there are no people up on the bed. The close shot from the end of the bed shows Chloé and Colin receiving the tray.
The original French title for this movie, L'écume des jours, translates literally to "the foam of the days" but more colloquially means "the froth" or "the remnants" of daydreams. The English-language title, Mood Indigo, is the title of a 1930 jazz composition by Duke Ellington, the musician who is often mentioned in this movie.

The name of the writer with whom Chick is obsessed, "Jean-Sol Partre," is a spoonerism for the name of one of France's most famous philosophers and authors, Jean-Paul Sartre.

This film is based on a novel written by the famous French writer Boris Vian, who was a jazz music passionate and also a singer.