Mbeti: Road To Kisesini (TBA)

 ●  English ● 16 mins

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In Kenya and other African countries many newborns die within the first week of life, usually from infection or other preventable causes. Mbeti: The Road to Kisesini is about one women's journey to save her village, by saving the mothers and their children from dying of malnutrition caused by unsafe water supply and the lack of access to medical facilities in the community. The focus of the narrative is about a tenacious and visionary woman named Mbeti. She galvanized the women around her by creating and selling baskets from sisal, and taking the proceeds to construct the first health clinic in the Village of Kisesini. The documentary educates an international audience, helping viewers to appreciate roles of the African women. It is both a specific local story, and the voice from the women who are very much a part of the growth, and stability of Africa itself.
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Short Film
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