Man of Steel (2013)

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A young boy learns that he has extraordinary powers and is not of this Earth. As a young man, he journeys to discover where he came from and what he was sent here to do. However, the hero in him must emerge if he is to save the world from annihilation and become the symbol of hope for all mankind. Will he be able to find it within himself to truly become, "The Man of Steel"?

Cast: Amy Adams, Henry Cavill

Crew: Zack Snyder (Director), Amir Mokri (Director of Photography), Hans Zimmer (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Dates: 14 Jun 2013 (India)

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Did you know? Julianne Moore, Lisa Rinna, Jodie Foster, Sela Ward and Elisabeth Shue were considered for the role of Martha Kent. Read More
Confront his nemesis and save the planet
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The film is set to release in June of 2013, the 75th anniversary of Superman. The first appearance of the character was in "Action Comics #1" in 1938.

Diretor Zack Snyder enlisted the services of Gym Jones to get lead star Henry Cavill in shape for this role. Snyder had first worked with Gym Jones on 300 and then subsequently collaborated with them for all his live action films, to get his cast into the right physical shape.

Both posters for the film bear a striking resemblance and may be homages to images of Superman from Mark Waid's critically acclaimed 1996 graphic novel "Kingdom Come" which examined Superman's growing detachment from humanity and his place in the modern world.

This is the first live action Superman movie not to feature the character Jimmy Olsen. Not only was the Jimmy Olsen character in every live action Superman movie prior to Man of Steel but he was also in Supergirl.

This is the first Superman feature film that doesn't incorporate the word "Superman" in its title. Interestingly enough, the first Batman film to not incorporate the word "Batman" was Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight which like, Man of Steel, is the main character's nickname.

One of three live-action theatrical Superman films to not feature Superman's nemesis Lex Luthor. The other films were Superman III and Superman and the Mole-Men.

The monologue used by Jor-El (Russell Crowe) in the teaser trailer is taken directly from Grant Morrison's "All-Star Superman", widely considered one of the best Superman stories ever written.

According to Zack Snyder, he tried very hard to keep Superman's red trunks as part of his costume, but failed.

When asked about the numerous set photos released online of him filming shirtless on set, Henry Cavill said that he was happy because people could then see that his physique in the film is indeed real (not "smoke and mirrors") and that the fans could see the effort he had put in to bring the character to life.

Russell Crowe (Jor-El) and Kevin Costner (Jonathan Kent), who play both of Superman's fathers, have shared the role of Robin Hood: Costner in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Crowe in Robin Hood. Both have also played law officers bringing down mobsters: Costner as Elliot Ness in The Untouchables and Crowe as in American Gangster.

Russell Crowe becomes the second Oscar winner to portray Jor-El after Marlon Brando. Crowe once had a song with his band "Rus Le Roq" entitled "I want to be like Marlon Brando". Share this

For his physical preparation on Man Of Steel, Henry Cavill had to start from scratch because for his previous film, The Cold Light of Day, director Mabrouk El Mechri made him lose the "eight pack" and the muscular physique that he had built for Immortals. He was asked to let go completely and stop all training to get the body of an ordinary man. For Man Of Steel, after months of training, Cavill got his physique and "eight pack" back but said that he would never let go again, whatever they offered him.

Henry Cavill said that after training for Superman, his body transformed so drastically that he had to throw all his older clothes out. He said his shoulders became much bigger and his waist much smaller.

Henry Cavill said that he was on a diet of 5000 calories while bulking (putting on mass), dropped down to 3500 calories to get into suit-shape and then further dropped down to 2500 calories for his shirtless scenes.

The character of Whitney Fordman was not in the original DC comics. He was created for Smallville, a TV series based on Clark Kent's time at high school.

Henry Cavill is the first non-American actor to play the role of Clark Kent. London-born Lee Quigley played Superman as a baby in Superman.

When asked about what look does he prefer for Superman, director Zack Snyder had said that he preferred the bigger, more muscular Superman as drawn by Jim Lee. Star Henry Cavill worked very hard to build a big, muscular physique, exactly the look envisioned by his director.

The first Superman film not to feature Kryptonite, Superman's main weakness.

Amy Adams, who plays Lois Lane, had previously appeared in a Season one episode of ''Smallville'', which also detailed the Superman story.

Alessandro Juliani, who plays Sergeant Sedowsky, is no stranger to the world of Superman. Juliani also played Dr. Emil Hamilton on the Superman TV series Smallville.

Filming in Plano, IL and Chicago, IL in August and September of 2011 was done under the code name of "Autumn Frost." It was such a badly-kept secret that on September 6, 2011, the Chicago Tribune published a full article about it. ("Code Name: Go Figure").

Both director Bryan Singer and actor Brandon Routh expressed interest in reprising their positions from Superman Returns on this film; Singer had originally outlined several sequels to follow his story, and Routh was contracted as well. When Warner Bros. announced this film as a "clean reboot" from Singer's film, Routh still expressed interest in returning before Zack Snyder declared that this movie would have no ties to any previous cinematic incarnation of the character.

Connie Nielsen was considered for the role of Lara Lor-Van. Julia Ormond was cast, but she dropped out, so Ayelet Zurer was cast in her place.

Kevin Costner's role as Jonathan Kent was previously played by Glenn Ford. Both of them have been involved in competing projects about Wyatt Earp: Glenn was cast in Tombstone but had to drop out, while Costner played the title role in Wyatt Earp opposite Gene Hackman (the original Lex Luthor) as his father.

The idea that Superman's S-Shield means "hope" comes from Mark Waid's Superman: Birthright series: The S-Shield is the Kryptonian symbol for "hope" and Superman believes it may have begun as a coat of arms for the House of El.

According to David S. Goyer, Superman's costume is defined in this film to be an undergarment: "All the battle armor goes on top of the suits. But since Superman's a refugee, his outfit doesn't have that gear, and would make him defenseless on his own Kryptonian turf."

This is Amy Adams's third time auditioning for Lois Lane. She first read for Lois Lane in Brett Ratner's abandoned film, then for Superman Returns. Adams has stated that it became ridiculous and this time she had to play Lois and put her stamp on it.

Henry Cavill and Russell Crowe had met years prior to playing father and son when Henry was an extra in Proof of Life and received words of encouragement to pursue acting and an autographed picture from Crowe, who was his favorite actor.

Diane Lane previously appeared in Hollywoodland, whose subject was previous Superman actor George Reeves.

The majority of the action scenes use a CGI cape for Superman.

Prior to being cast as Lois, Amy Adams had two previous Superman connections. Adams played Jodi Melville in Smallville; and her co-star from Enchanted, James Marsden played Richard White in Superman Returns.

Dennis Quaid, Bruce Greenwood, Michael Biehn and Kurt Russell were considered for the role of Jonathan Kent.

Viggo Mortensen was considered to play General Zod.

Julianne Moore, Lisa Rinna, Jodie Foster, Sela Ward and Elisabeth Shue were considered for the role of Martha Kent.

Amanda Seyfried auditioned for a role but was turned down.

According to Zack Snyder, the filmmakers outfitted Henry Cavill in the Superman costume to see how well he fit the role. Despite the outfit bearing a lighter blue color and red trunks, no one laughed at Cavill. Snyder knew then that Cavill was right for the role.

Jonathan Kent's monologue from the teaser trailer is taken directly from Geoff John's "Superman: Secret Origin".

This is the second film where Diane Lane is mother to a "special" child. The first was Jack, starring Robin Williams, the best friend of Superman actor Christopher Reeve.

According to David S. Goyer, the story's major theme is first contact: "We approached Superman as if it weren't a comic book movie, as if it were real. He's an alien. If the world found out he existed, it would be the biggest thing that ever happened in human history. Just his existence would change the face of the Earth forever."

Matthew Goode, Armie Hammer, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Zac Efron and Colin O'Donoghue were on the final shortlist for the lead role. Henry Cavill was finally cast. He was the front runner to play Superman in another Superman movie (working title: flyby) but the the movie failed to be greenlit and Brandon Routh was cast in Superman Returns instead. Cavill was also runner-up to Daniel Craig for the James Bond role in Casino Royale.

Due to his success with the Batman franchise Christopher Nolan was brought on to help develop the reboot of Superman along with screenwriter David S. Goyer. This was merely as a creative consultant, it was never intended for Nolan to direct. When Zack Snyder was later brought on as director, Nolan chose to hand all creative control over to Snyder and focus on The Dark Knight Rises. According to Nolan's wife/producer Emma Thomas, "They [Nolan and Goyer] brought it to an appropriate screenplay and it's now Snyder's picture."

Ben Affleck turned down directing the film because he wasn't experienced in VFX shots: "A lesson I've learned is to not look at movies based on budget, how much they'll spend on effects or where they will shoot. Story is what's important."

Darren Aronofsky, Duncan Jones, Ben Affleck, Tony Scott, Matt Reeves and Jonathan Liebesman were considered to direct the movie before Zack Snyder was later chosen.

Natalie Portman, Charlotte Riley, Anne Hathaway, Dianna Agron, Kristen Stewart, Malin Akerman, Rachel McAdams, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kristen Bell, Lake Bell, Olivia Wilde, Mila Kunis and Jessica Biel were considered to play Lois Lane.

One of Zod's soldiers is named Nam-Ek. Nam-Ek was a minor Kryptonian who appeared in the December 1974 Superman comic "The Loneliest Man in the Universe" (Superman Vol 1, Number 282). This is also a reference to the anime Dragon Ball Z (whose hero Son Goku is the Superman of Japan), where there was an alien antagonist from the planet Namek.

General Zod wears a black astronaut suit. This is based on the Modern Age comics, where he wore a special red suit that filtered sunlight.

Production designer Alex McDowell described the Kryptonian technology in the film as "geo-tech, scientifically advanced but also less glossy and more organic than the styles on Earth."

The Fortress of Solitude in this film is a Kryptonian spacecraft secreted in the Arctic. This combines various comic versions of the Fortress of Solitude: an Arctic location with a key (the Silver Age comics (1958)), an artifact from previous Kryptonians ("Adventures of Superman" (1989)), and an abandoned ship (the New 52 comics (2011)).

Henry Cavill said that "he was not in training when he auditioned for this film where he was required to wear a lycra Superman suit. He wasn't feeling fit or looking good, and thought that they wouldn't cast a fat Superman and that some really in-shape dude was going to audition and win the part". Cavill eventually won the part and achieved the proper shape to play the role.

A boyhood photo of young Clark and Jonathan standing at a science fair project (a volcano) has small sign behind them that reads "Weisinger Public School" - a nod to longtime "Silver Age" Superman comics editor Mort Weisinger, who introduced many science fiction elements to the Superman canon.

Following his involvement in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, Hans Zimmer was chosen to write the film's music score. To completely distinguish this film from previous ones, the iconic "Superman Theme" by John Williams won't be heard. This will be the first Warner Bros. Superman film to not incorporate Williams' score from Superman, which was reused for the sequels starring Christopher Reeve, as well as in Superman Returns starring Brandon Routh.

A building in Metropolis bears the sign "Lexcorp". This is the company run by Superman's archrival Lex Luthor, and hints at his appearance in a sequel.
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