Jaws 2 (1978)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 56 mins

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Police chief Brody must protect the citizens of Amity after a second monstrous shark begins terrorizing the waters.
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Cast: Lorraine Gary, Roy Scheider

Crew: Jeannot Szwarc (Director), Michael C Butler (Director of Photography), John Williams (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Horror, Thriller

Release Dates: 16 Jun 1978 (India)

Tagline: After the sensational return to the screen of JAWS... what could be more terrifying than JAWS 2

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Did you know? In a deleted scene, after the copter sinks, the shark attacks the pilot underwater. The sounds of the pilot screaming and the copter being damaged are the exact same sounds from Jaws (1975) when the shark attacks the shark cage and Hooper. Read More
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as Ellen Brody
as Police Chief Martin Brody
as Tom Andrews
as Lucy
as Dr. Lureen Elkins
as Larry Vaughn Jr.
as Jackie Peters
as Eddie Marchand
as Andy Nicholas
as Brooke Peters
as Diane - Ski Boat Driver
as Deputy Jeff Hendricks
as Helicopter Pilot
as Paul 'Polo' Loman
as Len Peterson
as Doug Fetterman
as Michael 'Mike' Brody
as Mayor Larry Vaughn
as Grace Witherspoon - Old Lady


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Feature Film
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After the sensational return to the screen of JAWS... what could be more terrifying than JAWS 2
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...
Coming sooner than you think
Is it humanly possible that with all the sharks in the world, there could only be one as terrible as...JAWS? (trailer on DVD)
One good bite deserves another! (1980 re-release)
Character Error
The original Deputy in "Jaws" is named Len Hendricks. The same character is addressed in a scene with Mrs. Brody in "Jaws 2" as Jeff, 3 times (the actual name of the actor). In the credits he is now named Jeff Hendricks.

After Mike's friends pull him out of the water, unconscious, his head keeps moving further and further to the right. At one point, he actually picks his head up, and sets it back down.

After Mike gets knocked cold during the shark attack, he slides off the boat and into the water, but when the shark flips it over a moment later, not only is he back on board, but he is sitting upright as if he is awake.

When Ellen Brody is hugging an hysterical Tina on board Tina's boat, she holds her arms in an embrace, before putting her hands around Tina's head. In the next shot she is seen again holding her arms in an embrace as if the second shot hadn't happened. The shot after this shows Ellen again holding Tina's head.

When the police launch spots the sailboat that Tina and her boyfriend Ed were using, there is no apparent damage to the port side of the boat. When the launch finally pulls alongside the sailboat, the expected damage is visible again.

Crew/Equipment Visible
In the very beginning, as Brody travels to the party, an aerial view of the truck reveals the shadow of the camera perched on the railing of the bridge, along with several crew men.

Crew/Equipment Visible
In the shot where the camera is on the shark's back as it's heading toward Mike while his friends try to lift him up out of the water, a large crew boat is visible in the background behind one of the sailboats (upper right corner of the screen)

Crew/Equipment Visible
After Brody crashed the police boat into Cable Junction, in the behind shot, shadows of the camera and crewmen can be seen on the stern of the boat, below the word "Police".

Factual Mistake
Before the group of recreational scuba divers are surprised by the shark, one of them encounters and tries to trap a spiny lobster. The spiny lobster species is native to Florida and the Caribbean, not in northern areas such as Massachusetts or New York State where the movie takes place.

Factual Mistake
Brody wears his badge on the right side of his chest, whereas all New York and Massachusetts law enforcement officers wear their badges over the left.

Factual Mistake
An Orca washes up to shore killed by the shark. No only would it be rare to see a killer whale off the coast of eastern Long Island but a Great White shark could almost absolutely not kill a full grown Orca, in fact the opposite is true,, there are instances of Orca's killing Great Whites. Orcas are much smarter than Great Whites.
Marc Gilpin (Sean Brody) claims that when they were shooting one of the scenes on the makeshift raft of wrecked yachts, they were being circled by a real hammerhead shark. All the actors were scared and began to scream and holler at the production crew who were filming that particular scene from a distance. The crew were oblivious to the danger and assumed the actors were simply "in character" and gave them the thumbs up!

On the Brodys' front porch is a flower planter painted bright yellow. It is one of the barrels from the first Jaws (1975).

In one of the boat scenes a young man is seen reading a book: "Jaws" by Peter Benchley.

Roy Scheider did not originally want to appear in Jaws 2, but had recently left the production of The Deer Hunter (1978), which led to conflicts with Universal Pictures to whom he was locked into a multi-film contract with. The studio agreed to forgive his leaving The Deer Hunter if he did Jaws 2, which they would count as the two remaining films of his contract with them. Scheider agreed to the terms, but was resentful of his involvement from the onset and clashed frequently with director Jeannot Szwarc.

In a deleted scene, after the copter sinks, the shark attacks the pilot underwater. The sounds of the pilot screaming and the copter being damaged are the exact same sounds from Jaws (1975) when the shark attacks the shark cage and Hooper.

Many scenes had to be shot in the fall/winter months. As such, the actors had to suck ice cubes prior to takes to avoid having their breath seen on camera.

Ellen Brody tells her husband that Matt Hooper called to say he was on the Aurora. This is a reference to the first film. In the first film, Hooper turned down the opportunity to study on the Aurora in favor of studying the shark that was terrorizing the beach then.

The name of the small rocky island with an electrical relay station on it was "Cable Junction" island. This was actually an artificially constructed set which caused numerous problems during filming. The island was made from plastic / fibre-glass material and was set on two barges. The surface of it was so slick and slippery that it was difficult to traverse it or even grab hold of it. This resulted in numerous retakes having to be shot, many actors slipping and falling off it constantly. Due to once not being anchored down properly, it once drifted away in the ocean, and the production had to go out and tug it back. In The Making of "Jaws 2" (2001) DVD documentary, director Jeannot Szwarc recounted the day when he was informed that his island set was "on its way to Cuba".

In the "final" draft screenplay, the helicopter pilot and Marge (the girl that rescues Sean) both survive. The pilot is able to breathe thanks to an air bubble in the copter's cockpit and Marge avoids the shark by diving underwater. The pilot spots Marge swimming underwater, goes after her, then guides her back inside the cockpit so they can share the air.

This marks the last film of Mark Gruner's (Mike Brody) acting career.

Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss were approached to direct and star in the sequel but production on Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) was running behind and they declined to participate.