Inquilaab (1984)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 4 mins

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This emotionally charged family saga delves into the life of street-wise Amar Nath, who makes a living selling cinema tickets and fast-food snacks (Bhel Puri) outside cinema halls. He is taken under the wing of a politician and Chair of the "Garibon Ki Party', Shankar Narayan, allowed to join the Police Academy, and returns as a Police Inspector. He falls in love and gets married to Asha, the only daughter of multi-millionaire businessman, Sitaram. When he successfully apprehends and kills a terrorist by the name of Anil Raj, he is promoted as the Assistant Commisisoner of Police. Asha shares his joy, and soon both are informed that they will soon be proud parents. Then Amar also apprehends and kills a smuggler by the Koya Koya Atachi, and gets immensely popular with the public, so much so that Shankar Narayan resigns and asks Amar to be the Chair of the political party, which Amar accepts and quits his job from the Police Force. It is then that the pregnant Asha finds out that Amar is not the honest and fearless police officer he claims to be, but a mere pawn in the hands of skilled politicians - who have been using him as their hit-man, and now are ready to use him as the Chief Minister so that they can carry on with their nefarious activities. Can the valiant Asha successfully prevent Amar from influencing their newborn son, and from attaining power?
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Did you know? The film released in 1984 when Amitabh had joined politics in his real life as well, eerily mirroring the events in this movie. Read More
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as A.C.P. Amar Nath
as Home Minister Sitaram
as Black Marketer
as Party Chairman Shankar Narayan
as Amarnath's mother
as Food Minister Mr Vishwanath
as Finance Minister Kamleshwar Rao
as Political Candidate Girdhari Lal
as Bombay Police Commisioner
as Koya Koya Atachi
as Asha A Nath
as Black Marketer



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Stunt Director
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Feature Film
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24 fps
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This movie is a remake of the blockbuster Kannada film Chakravyuha (1983).

While this movie was being filmed, in an unrelated accident, Amitabh Bachchan had a firecracker go off in his hand. Surgical correction was incomplete during the rest of the filming, so he wears a handkerchief or hides his hand in many scenes.

The film released in 1984 when Amitabh had joined politics in his real life as well, eerily mirroring the events in this movie.