Hanuman.com (2013)

 ●  Bengali ● 2 hrs 5 mins

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AnjaniPutra Sensharma (Prosenjit Chatterjee) is a school teacher in a small village named Basirhat in West Bengal. He lives with his wife Tanushree (Mousumi Bhattacharya) and his old moped. Under a school grant, AnjaniPutra and the other teachers are given a desktop computer for home use. On the computer, he makes a friend named Maria Fischer (Saskia Ranwig) who claims to be from Reykjavik in Iceland. When AnjaniPutra witnesses her yo be murdered by a masked man on webcam, he succumbs to a psychological shock. Determined to find out her murderer he takes a flight to Iceland selling his ancestral land. Soon being befuddled in a foreign country he finds rescue in the Bangladeshi family of Hassan (Gaurav Pandey) settled there. A father-daughter like relation grows up between AnjaniPutra and Hassan's daughter Nuri (Saloni Pandey). Eventually, he finds out that the address given by Maria is false. Nonetheless, Nuri hacks into Maria's computer and finds out that her murderer is actually the local mayor (Oli Bigalke) who moonlights as a sociopathic rapist. Nuri sends him several emails tricking him to believe that Maria is actually alive. Then she steals a gun from her father's closet and persuades AnjaniPutra to confront the murderer. Although initially frightened and reluctant, AnjaniPutra finally guns the murderer down when he attempts to assault a decoy of Maria. Maria's dead body is soon found in a lake in Munich, Germany and AnjaniPutra becomes headline in several international newspaper. Finally AnjaniPutra returns home to a tearful Tanushree and the film concludes.
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Feature Film
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