Gulliver and the Lilliputs (2013)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 12 mins

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Gulliver and the Lilliputs is the story of Lemuel Gulliver, a doctor who longs for adventure. But when he signs on board a sailing ship Antelope as a surgeon, he gets much more than he bargained for. A shipwreck leaves him swept ashore on a distant land - Lilliput - inhabited by people no bigger than his finger. And they are the Lilliputians. Gulliver who was in deep sleep, wakes up to find himself bound by innumerable tiny threads by those tiny captors who are in awe of him but fiercely protective of their kingdom. They are not afraid to use violence against Gulliver, though their arrows are little more than pinpricks. But overall, they are hospitable, risking famine in their land by feeding Gulliver who consumes more food than a thousand Lilliputians combined could. Gulliver is taken into the capital city by a vast wagon the Lilliputians have specially built. He is presented to the emperor who is entertained by Gulliver, just as Gulliver is flattered by the attention of royalty. Eventually Gulliver becomes a national resource, used by the army in its war against the people of Blefuscu.

Crew: Anita Udeep (Director), Rob Reich (Music Director), Robin Livingston (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Animation

Release Dates: 20 Dec 2013 (India)

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Feature Film
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24 fps
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2.35 : 1
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