Double Game (1994)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Muthuveerappan (Rajinikanth) comes to the city from his village for a song contest. He meets Ravikanth (Senthil) in the city and they both work hard for the song contest. Muthu tells Ravikanth about how he fell in love with Devayani (Meena) and how he got her to love him. Devayani is the daughter of a music teacher in his village. He enters the contest in order to win the money and pay off the loan his mother had to the village leader. They both work together and end up winning the song contest. Muthu then goes back to his village with joy and finds out a flood had come and Meena's house had been destroyed, it was reported that her father and her body had not been found. Muthu thinks that Meena is dead, and is very sad. He then goes and gives the money to the village leader, paying off his mother's debt. His mother takes him to the city so that they can find a job and so that Muthu can forget about Meena. When they reach the city Muthu finds out that his song was a big hit. Therefore he had become very popular. The holder of the song contest (Janakaraj) calls on Muthu to come work for him. Muthu does not want to, but his mother persuades him. He then works for Janakaraj and his daughter falls in love with Muthu. Muthu who is still in love with Meena refused to marry Janakaraj's daughter (Roja Selvamani). His mother says Meena won't come back and she wishes to see his marriage. Therefore he marries Roja. Soon after the marriage she has to go on a business trip to the USA. Meena was in fact alive but has amnesia. Muthu's songs are playing on the radio and Meena happens to hear it and she remembers again. She promptly gets on the bus to the city from a village where she was helping the fisherman who saved her life. She meets Muthu at the recording studio. He is surprised and overjoyed but doesn't tell her about his marriage to Roja Selvamani. Meena is then adamant to get married soon, so they both get married. He then juggles both of his lives (as Muthu, Meena's husband and as Veera, Roja's husband). He nearly gets caught when both Roja Selvamani and Muthu with Meena go to the saree shop and bump into each other. So to prove that they are two different people he takes a photo and photoshops it to show two of him shaking hands. They then all believe Muthu and Veera are different people. A thief who Muthu had caught and handed over to the police takes revenge by kidnapping his wives. The thief also knows that both are one person, and when he comes to save them it is revealed that both are one person. After he saves them both his wives fight over him, one says that he officially married her first (Roja) while the other(Meena) says that she fell in love first. His wives don't want to share. When he tries to explain they go away angrily. Muthu then leaves the city to go back to his village. When he gets home he finds them both in his house. The film ends with them both holding his bag as he enters the house.

Cast: Meena Durairaj, Rajinikanth, Roja Selvamani

Crew: Suresh Krissna (Director), PS Prakash (Director of Photography), Ilaiyaraaja (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1994 (India)

Hindi Name: डबल गेम

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as Devayanai/Devi
as Muthuveerappan/Veera
as Rubkala/Ruba
Supporting Actor
as Inspector
Supporting Actor
as Devi's Dad
as Ruba's Father
as Chandran
as Harichandra
as Ravikanth
as Veera's Mother
as Periya Pannai
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor




Screenplay Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director


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Feature Film
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Frame Rate:
24 fps
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Dubbed from: Veera (Tamil)