Chukkan (1994)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 38 mins

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This thought-provoking socio-political drama delves into the struggles of Shankaran, who has been working in a Carbide factory all his life. Instead of going to work, earning money and supporting their father in running the household, his two sons remain unemployed, for completely different reasons. His eldest son, Gauri Shanker is an idealistic young man, who is fighting hard for the rights of the employees, as their union leader. His second son, is only interested in reaching money off his father in order to go abroad and find lucrative work there. Shankaran has already pledged his house to take a loan for the family. Under pressure from his company to repay the loan, Shankaran becomes extremely dejected and angry with Gauri Shankar for not taking care of his family, but Gauri Shankar's battle is to help all the workers, not just his own family. When Usman, a company employee falls into the furnace, instead of trying to save his life, the owners preferred to give a small compensation to the family. This sparks a conflict between the workers and the owners, with Shankaran and Gauri Shankar caught right in the middle. Shankaran is forced to take voluntary retirement due to the financial strain of getting his daughter, Sindhu married. With Gauri Shankar's life threatened by the owners, he is forced to become embroiled in a murky mess of corrupt politics, criminal business tactics and violent gangsters. Can he succeed in wading through the darkness and come out victorious against powerful foes? Will the struggles of the working class ever be considered by the wealthy and powerful? What tactics will he use to expose the criminal practices of businessmen and ensure that justice is served?

Cast: Gouthami Tadimalla, Suresh Gopi

Crew: Thampi Kannanthanam (Director), Ravi K Chandran (Director of Photography), SP Venkatesh (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1994 (India)

Malayalam Name: ചുക്കാൻ

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as Gayathri
as Gaurishankar
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actor
as Fired Factory Worker




Screenplay Writer
Story Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director
Playback Singer


Film Type:
Feature Film
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
Music Director: SP Venkatesh
Lyricist: ONV Kurup
Playback Singer: KS Chithra, KJ Yesudas
Music Director: SP Venkatesh
Lyricist: ONV Kurup
Playback Singer: KJ Yesudas
Music Director: SP Venkatesh
Lyricist: ONV Kurup
Playback Singer: KJ Yesudas
Music Director: SP Venkatesh
Lyricist: ONV Kurup
Playback Singer: KJ Yesudas, KS Chithra