Bas Yaari Rakho (2000)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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After the tragic passing away of his mother, Joseph Ignace alias Jassiya (Rushabh Patni) is sent to a Catholic Hostel where he can continue his studies as well as live in the hostel. The sudden separation from his mother, diet, and familiar surroundings of his village, has a deep impact on Joseph, and he initially cannot stomach the food served in the hostel cafetaria. He then comes across a fellow student, Sandu (Gaffar Modi) who belongs to the Siddi community, a little known minority group in India, who are of African origin. He finds out Sandu is so hungry that he will not even eat the cafetaria food but also take some home to his mom and two other siblings, who are struggling to make a living after their father left them for whereabouts unknown. Joseph starts to share the food from his plate; then he takes extra servings; even byhelping in the cafetaria; and then takes to stealing as much food as he can for Sandu's family. Then one day one of the students' informs Father Lobo, and Joseph is publicly humiliated, and severely beaten by the Catholic priest. The School puts up a notice that Joseph is to be rusticated from school for stealing food. Not knowing where to turn to, Joseph goes to Church and questions Devputra Jesus (Son of God) whether he has ever been hungry? On getting no answer, he decides to run away from school to his village, leaving perplexed and baffled teachers, and fellow-students, and a hungry Sandu and his family behind.
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