Agni Varsha (2002)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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This evocative tale is the story of wronged and misunderstood Arvasu (Milind Soman), a Brahmin by caste, who has become a performing actor. He loves Nittilai (Sonali Kulkarni), who reciprocates his love, but seeks approval of her father and her village's elders before marrying him. Arvasu's brother is Parvasu (Jackie Shroff) who has been conducting a major prayer ceremony to appease Devraj Indra (Amitabh Bachchan) so that their region may get rain. Arvasu's father is Raibhya (Mohan Agashe), who dislikes both his sons, and wishes that he cremate them before his death. Raibhya, suspects Vishaka (Raveena Tandon) Parvasu's wife, of having an illicit affair with Yarvaki (Nagarjuna), and detests her. Yavarki loves Vishaka, but left her to worship and pray to Devraj Indra for 10 years, and on his return found her married to Parvasu. Parvasu married Vishaka, lived with her happily for 3 years, before leaving her to conduct the prayer ceremoney for Devraj Indra. On finding that Vishaka has met with Yavarki, an engraged Raibhya summons a Brahm Rakshas, a demon (Prabhu Deva) to kill Yavarki. The demon does so, and Arvasu has to cremate him; this delays his appointment with Nittilai's dad and her village elders, and as a result she is married to someone else. When Parvasu hears of the death of Yavarki, he kills his father, and subsequently blames Arvasu for this and has him badly beaten up and left for dead. When Nittilai hears of this, she comes to the rescue of Arvasu, and finds that she is being hunted by her husband and herbrother, who will kill her on sight. Sutradhar (Raghuvir Yadav) arranges an act to entertain the Devas, and as a result Arvasu goes berserk, Nittilai exposes herself and is killed by her husband; Parvasu admits failure and cremates himself. Thus one by one, whoever, was close to Arvasu is dead. Finally appeased, Devraj Indra appears, and Arvasu is allowed a wish of his choice. The only thought in Arvasu's mind is to bring Nittilai back to life, but will he finally accede to his own desire or sacrifice for the greater good?
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Cast: Jackie Shroff, Raveena Tandon

Crew: Arjun Sajnani (Director), Anil Mehta (Director of Photography), Sandesh Shandilya (Music Director), Taufiq Qureshi (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

Release Dates: 30 Aug 2002 (India)

Tagline: An epic tale of love and sacrifice

Hindi Name: अग्नि वर्षा

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Did you know? Arjun Sajnani knew Amitabh Bachchan from college days, which made it easier for him to convince the man into playing the cameo. Read More
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as Paravasu
as Vishakha
as Indra
as Chanting Brahmin
as Brahmin
as Chanting Brahmin
as Arvasu
as Raibhya
as Yavakri
as Rakshasa
as Actor Manager
as Nittilai
as Actor Manager's Wife
as Andhaka




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Feature Film
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24 fps
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2.35 : 1
Music Label: Universal Music India
Playback Singer: Alka Yagnik
Playback Singer: Pamela Jain
An epic tale of love and sacrifice
The Fire and the Rain
Filming Locations:
This movie marks the directorial debut for Arjun Sajnani.

The movie is a cinematic version of Girish Karnad's play "The Fire and the Rain", which Arjun Sajnani staged for a couple of years.

The whole movie was shot in Hampi (southern Indian state of Karnataka).

The movie was the opening film at the Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester, England, on June 28. The festival went on till July 7.

A dance sequence was incorporated into the script especially to showcase the dancing abilities of South Indian cinema's star-dancer "Prabhudeva". He has choreographed the dances himself, along with "Bhushan Lakhandri" and famed dancer Daksha Sheth.

This movie was shot over 65 days.

The first choice for Raveena Tandon's role was Shabana Azmi. Shabana declined as she couldn't co-ordinate her schedule with the shooting dates

Arjun Sajnani played Lord Indra's role in the play, which Amitabh Bachchan played in the movie.

Raveena Tandon was apprehensive about working with a first-time director. But when she met director Arjun Sajnani and had a long sitting with him and re-considered her decision.

When the director approached Prabhudeva with the role, he just looked at the director and said, "So where's the dance?" Sajnani informed him "There's no dance. I want you to do this role because I think you're the only one who can do it." Prabhudeva was surprised, a bit apprehensive, but finally agreed.

The film was screened at the American Film Market, Los Angeles, in February 2002

Arjun Sajnani knew Amitabh Bachchan from college days, which made it easier for him to convince the man into playing the cameo.

Originally Ravina Raj Kohli of Channel 9 showed interest in producing the project but on September 16, 2000 she sent a letter to director Arjun Sajnani stating that they would be shutting down and not be producing the film any longer. Eventually IDream Productions took over.