Van Helsing: The London Assignment (2004)

 ●  English ● 0 hrs 30 mins

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This animation adventure is the prequel to the motion picture Van Helsing and traces the terrifying danger and thrill in the life of monster hunter Gabriel Van Helsing. Along with friar Carl, Van Helsing travels to London on an assignment, to investigate a series of horrific and spectacularly supernatural murders. Their investigation reveals that the serial murders are being committed by the mad scientist Dr. Jekyll, in the form of his evil alter-ego, Mr. Hyde. But, why is he committing these heinous crimes? Can Van Helsing find the answer to this mystery and stop Mr Hyde before more innocent lives are lost?
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Did you know? This movie is an animated prequel to the motion picture Van Helsing (2004)(released the same year) and depicts the events that transpired before the film. Read More
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When the carriages have separated, originally Van Helsing is standing on the one with the speeding train attached to it and Mr Hyde on the one behind. In a following shot, involving the train flying forward, Mr Hyde is where Van Helsing was and vice versa.

Carl is left behind as Van Helsing chases Mr. Hyde, which leads to them doing battle on the train. Van Helsing travels a fair distance across London, but when the trains crash and Van Helsing dismounts the train, Carl pops up from out of nowhere. How did he get across London so quickly?

The size of the hot air balloon basket changes considerably during scenes.

This film is considered a prequel to live action film Van Helsing. The characters of Carl and Van Helsing appear to have a working relationship already established in this story despite the fact that they are "first introduced" to each other in the live action film.

In the live-action film, Carl says he is not a field man and that he's never been out of the Abbey. In the prequel, Carl goes with Van Helsing to London with no fuss or argument.
This movie is an animated prequel to the motion picture Van Helsing (2004)(released the same year) and depicts the events that transpired before the film.