The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 26 mins

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'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' begins as Katniss Everdeen has returned home safe after winning the 74th Annual Hunger Games along with fellow tribute Peeta Mellark. Winning means that they must turn around and leave their family and close friends, embarking on a "Victor's Tour" of the districts. Along the way Katniss senses that a rebellion is simmering, but the Capitol is still very much in control as President Snow prepares the 75th Annual Hunger Games (The Quarter Quell) - a competition that could change Panem forever.

Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson

Crew: Francis Lawrence (Director), Jo Willems (Director of Photography), James Newton Howard (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Dates: 06 Dec 2013 (India)

Tagline: Every Revolution Begins With a Spark

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Did you know? Because the books are told from Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) point of view, many of the scenes with President Snow (Donald Sutherland) were created for the movie. One significant addition to the movie was Snow’s granddaughter, who idolizes Katniss to the point of wearing her hair the same way. Read More
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as Katniss Everdeen
as Peeta Mellark
as Gloss
as Wiress
as Blight
as Octavia
as Brutus
as Tribute Man District 9
as Thresh's Grandmother
as President Snow
as Chaff
as Cecelia
as Effie Trinket
as Tribute Girl District 5
as Tribute Man District 10
as Tribute Man District 5
as Beetee
as Johanna Mason
as Woof
as Hovercraft Peacekeeper
as Tribute Man District 6
as Rue's Aunt
as Cinna
as Gale Hawthorne
as Mags
as Seeder
as Tribute Woman District 9
as Female Morphling
as Game Tech
as Enobaria
as Flavius
as Romulus Thread
as Katniss' Mother
as Plutarch Heavensbee
as Finnick Odair
as Caesar Flickerman
as Ripper
as Tribute Woman District 10
as Claudius Templesmith
as Primrose Everdeen
as Haymitch Abernathy




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Every Revolution Begins With a Spark
Josh Hutcherson read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in five days to prepare for his role as Peeta.

The opening scene was shot in New Jersey at the end of the production. The temperature was in the single digits, and both Francis Lawrence and Jennifer Lawrence were getting over the flu at the time.

Multiple scenes faced sound challenges due to location. The opening sequence had noise from the ice breaking up in the river, the scenes in District 11 were shot near train tracks in Atlanta, and the Tribute training sequences were shot in parking garages with bad sound. This resulted in a lot of ADR work and clever sound editing.

The most noticeable recasting in the film was that of Buttercup, the Everdeens’ cat. Fans were outraged by the cat in the first film because it did not look anything like the way the cat was described in the book.

The Peacekeeper soldiers in this film are more militarized, wearing bigger helmets and more armor, meant to show the build-up of rebellion in the Districts.

When the protestor is shot in District 11, in order to appease the MPAA and secure a PG-13 rating, the filmmakers had to digitally close the doors a bit quicker so as to not show the direct violence and blood.

Because the books are told from Katniss’ (Jennifer Lawrence) point of view, many of the scenes with President Snow (Donald Sutherland) were created for the movie. One significant addition to the movie was Snow’s granddaughter, who idolizes Katniss to the point of wearing her hair the same way.

When Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) gets down on one knee to propose to Katniss, Hutcherson’s pants ripped, causing a huge laugh on set. (That part was left out of the final cut.)

In the book, Plutarch (Philip Seymour Hoffman) flashes a pocket watch with a mockingjay on it at Katniss, and she spends time questioning his reasons, but when they shot the scene and edited into the movie, it came across as spoiling the surprise at the end without the internal monologue of Katniss to distract viewers.

Most of the scenes in District 12 were shot in Atlanta in the late summer. In order to play the setting as winter, fake snow was sprayed around, backgrounds were digitally altered, and leaves were pulled from nearby trees.

The whip prop used on Gale (Liam Hemsworth) in the square was made of felt so it would not hurt him. However, after multiple days of being whipped, Hemsworth started to get welts on his back anyway.

During the shooting of the scene in which Johanna (Jena Malone) strips in the elevator, a production assistant pressed the wrong floor button. The elevator stopped on the wrong floor and opened to a random guy from the hotel, who got a nice eyeful of topless Malone.

The image of Prim painted on the floor of the Tribute training center is the background screen on Nina Jacobson’s computer.

Woody Harrelson did a spit-take as a joke when Peeta claims Katniss is pregnant. It was sadly not included in the final cut.

The shot of the Tributes running from the cornucopia and into the jungle at the start of the Hunger Games was the first true IMAX scene in the film. Even though the opening scene was presented in large format with the IMAX aspect ratio, it was only shot in 35mm.

he production team tested the water temperature around the cornucopia and found it to be only about 40 degrees. Originally, they wanted Mags (Lynn Cohen) to swim in it, but the doctors on set said it would be too cold for her, and her blood pressure would likely skyrocket. They chose not to make her swim, but during an early take of her being carried by Finnick (Sam Claflin), she fell off his back and into the water anyway.

The baboons that attack the Tributes in the jungle are all identical, rather than having subtle differences that would occur in the wild. This plays into the fact that they were created specifically for the game.

When the Tributes are eating fish on the beach, they’re eating real raw fish. A sushi chef was brought onto set and prepared sushi-grade snapper. Even though she put soy sauce on hers, Jennifer Lawrence hated it.

When Plutarch leaves the monitor room in his last scene with President Snow, take note of the fact that he does not return downstairs to the control room. Instead, he walks out the door, presumably to meet up with Haymitch and find Katniss.

After Johanna knocks down Katniss and removes her tracker, Finnick runs by yelling, “Johanna?” When the scene was shot, he yelled, “Katniss?” This was changed in the final cut of the film in order to make his motivations more confusing.

On director Francis Lawrence's insistence that Catching Fire be bigger than the original film, they shot the entire Games sequence with IMAX film cameras.

In an industry first, the exclusive trailer will début online with a new FindAnyFilm cinema booking tool to drive sales from video views generated as part of the campaign.

All three of the songs Ed Sheeran submitted for the film's soundtrack were turned down.

Jennifer Lawrence stated whilst filming in the arena she hit herself with the bow mid-sprint, and dove into a pool of jets leaving her partially deaf for 6 days.

After Gary Ross declined to return to direct the movie, Alfonso Cuarón, David Cronenberg, Bennett Miller, Tomas Alfredson, Cary Fukunaga, Duncan Jones and Joe Cornish were considered to replace him. In the end, the job was offered to Francis Lawrence.

Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer, Hunter Parrish, Grant Gustin, Luke Mitchell and Garrett Hedlund were considered for the role of Finnick Odair. The role eventually went to Sam Claflin.

Zoe Aggeliki and Mia Wasikowska were considered for the role of Johanna Mason before Jena Malone was cast.

Melissa Leo was considered to play Mags.

Certain Capitol scenes were filmed at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis hotel, one of the hotels where the annual pop culture/ sci-fi convention, Dragon*con, takes place.
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