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Japanese actor and musician Tadanobu Satō professionally known as Tadanobu Asano is popularly known for his roles as Dragon Eye Morrison in Electric Dragon 80.000 V and Hogun in Thor, based on the Marvel Comics character. He has Norwegian and Dutch ancestry through this maternal grandfather and took up his first acting role in the TV show Kinpachi Sensei at the age of 16 and received his first major critical success was in Shunji Iwai's Fried Dragon Fish. He received international recognition with the 1995 Hirokazu Koreeda's film 'Maboroshi no Hikari'. In 2011, he starred in the Marvel Studios film Thor as the Asgardian warrior Hogun, a member of the Warriors Three and companion to Thor.[7] He reprised the role in 2013's Thor: The Dark World. Tadanobu is also a musician and has formed a band named 'MACH-1.67' with director Sogo Ishii in 1996. He is an artist and a model, most notably for Japanese fashion designers Jun Takahashi and Takeo Kikuchi, for whom he filmed a series of commercial spots. He had married J-pop idol Chara on the set of Iwai's Picnic in 1995 and has two children with her, after which they had divorced in 2009. Asano has received the Upstream Prize for Best Actor at the 2003 Venice Film Festival for his role in 'Last Life in the Universe' and the award for Best Actor at the 36th Moscow International Film Festival for his role in 'My Man'.

Born on: 27 November, 1973

Born in: Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Height: 5' 10½"

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