SHUDRA: The Untouchables (2011)

 ●  Hindi ● 1 hr 56 mins

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SHUDRA-the untouchables is the story of 250 million people subjugated in war and condemned to slavery and bestial existence for ages. these peace loving & imprudent people of ancient times were usurped by more aggressive and acquisitive group of men and societies. They were named differently across the globe like -Blacks,Red Indians,Dasya, Chandal,Black caste,out caste, Scheduled caste & SHUDRA-the untouchables.......... An out caste man SHUDRA dies for want of a gulp of water, a child is publicly violated for uttering holy mantras,a pregnant women is a forced in to physical submission, a wounded man dies in need of medicine, all for one crime only ........born in the caste of shudra- the untouchables

Cast: Sridhar Dubey

Crew: Sanjiv Jaiswal (Director), Pratik Deora (Director of Photography)

Genres: Drama, Family, History

Release Dates: 01 Jan 2011 (India)

Hindi Name: शूद्र: थे उनटौचब्लेस

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Feature Film
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