Shubhalekha (1982)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 25 mins

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Narasimha Murti (Chiranjeevi) is a multi-talented person who works as a waiter in a star hotel (filming location: Dolphin Hotel, Visakhapatnam) since he is unable to pass his B.A. exams. He meets Sujata (Sumalata), a lecturer who works in a college run by councillor Ankela Adiseshayya (Kaikala Satyanarayana). Mohan (Girish), who is an engineer and elder son of Adiseshayya, comes to Sujatha's place with his father for a marriage proposal. During this Sujata stands up and has an argument with Adiseshayya when the latter demands exorbitant amounts as dowry. This creates a rift between Sujata and her parents who fear that this act of Sujata might ostracize them from society. Adiseshayya also dismisses Sujata from her job. During this difficult phase, Murti, as a friend, provides solace to Sujatha; their relationship is mistaken as an affair and Sujata is forced to leave her home. Murti creates a big ruckus during the felicitation function of Adiseshayya and humiliates him. Adiseshayya retaliates by hiring goons to beat up Murti and also gets him dismissed from his job. Left with no choice, Murti takes Sujata to Hyderabad and meets Rao (Arun) whom he had met during the latter's stay in the hotel where Murti worked. Rao, who is in a senior post in Allwyn, hires Sujata. Back home, Lakshmi (Tulasi), younger sister of Sujata, falls in love with Murali (Subhalekha Sudhakar) who is the younger son of Adiseshayya. Murali threatens his father with suicide and forces his father to let him marry Lakshmi. Left without a choice, Adiseshayya who had dreamed of getting a lot of dowry since his son is a doctor, accepts the proposal with very little dowry. After marriage Lakshmi leaves to Sujatha's place where Murti arranges for a marriage between Sujatha and Rao. Lakshmi with consent from her husband files a suit against Adiseshayya to surrender his son, Murali to her since she paid for him during her marriage to teach Adiseshayya a lesson. Seeing this notice, Adiseshayya, his son, and Laskhmi's parents come to Hyderabad just before Sujata's marriage. The climax deals with how Adiseshayya is taught a lesson and also ends with the marriage of Murti and Sujata as per the wishes of the latter. Adiseshayya returns home to find that his elder son Mohan had married the widowed cousin of Murti.

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Family, Musical

Release Dates: 11 Jun 1982 (India)

Telugu Name: శుభలేఖ

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Feature Film
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