Shazam (2019)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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This superhero movie follows the life of Billy Batson as he becomes Captain Marvel.
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Cast: Dwayne Johnson

Genres: Action, Fantasy

Release Dates: 05 Apr 2019 (India)

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Did you know? Peter Segal was attached to direct in the early 2000s Read More
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Film Type:
Feature Film
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 : 1
Brandon Morale, Armie Hammer, and John Cena have all been considered by fans as possible candidates for Billy Batson/Shazam

Brandon Molale was considered at one point for Captain Marvel

Dwayne Johnson confirmed in an interview that Shazam! would be released before 2019

This movie underwent a series of rewrites that included scripts written by writers such as William Goldman, Bryan Goluboff, Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow and John August

Captain Marvel's creator C.C. Beck based the hero's design on Fred MacMurray, who was, at the time of his genesis in 1941, the #1 male box-office star

Peter Segal was attached to direct in the early 2000s