Mr India (1987)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 59 mins

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Orphaned as a child, Arun Verma (Anil Kapoor) has dedicated his adult life to looking after orphaned children, in a house where he is unable to afford to pay the rent nor even day to day expenses for necessities. He decides to rent one of the rooms, and the tenant is a newspaper reporter named Seema Sohni (Sridevi), who happens to dislike children. International crime lord and terrorist Mogambo (Amrish Puri) takes an interest in his very house to store his firearms, and other weapons, and sends his men to force Arun to vacate. Arun and some of the children are beaten-up and threatened with dire consequences if they do not vacate the house. Arun's dad's friend Professor Sinha (Ashok Kumar) shows Arun a device that will make in him invisible, and thereby he will find a way to fight to keep the house. Arun tries the device, and he becomes invisible. Using this, he is able to turn the tables on Mogambo's men, and calls himself "Mr.India". Mr. India becomes popular with the masses, and people everywhere rejoice and claim him to be their new savior. No one knows that Mr. India is Arun, save for Jugal (Aftab Shivdasani). This does not auger well with Mogambo, and he spreads his terror, killing hundreds of innocent citizens, including a child in Arun's care. Mogambo decides to kidnap the children, Seema, and Arun himself, and hopes to trap Mr. India, when he attempts to rescue them. The abduction takes place, and Arun, Seema, and the children are locked in a cell. In this skirmish, Arun misplaces the device, while Seema and the children await the arrival of Mr. India to rescue them, not knowing that time is running out, and Mogambo has already planned their deaths in a pit full of acid.
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Did you know? This was the last film that the writing duo Salim-Javed wrote together. Although they had split much before in early 1980's, but they came back one last time to script this movie. Read More
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as Seema Sohni
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There is a continuity error while is talking with Anil Kapoor on the sea beach (time approx 1h38m02s). You will see that Sridevi is wearing a rectangular yellow-white earring. In the next shoot the earring is replaced by a circular yellow earring.
When Prof. Sinha is first talking to his students in the class, on the blackboard behind him are displayed formulae from varied branches of science - mathematics, chemistry etc. Prominently visible is "Boney's Law of Time-Space Continuum". Boney Kapoor is the producer of the movie.

The film had originally been written for Rajesh Khanna in the lead role but he rejected it because he felt the "invisibility" factor was the main hero of the film. After some script changes by Shekar and Boney Kapoor, Anil Kapoor was cast in his place. Kishore Kumar sang the songs thinking it would be picturised on Rajesh Khanna and even Laxmikant Pyarelal were under the same impression.

Amitabh Bachchan was offered to play the role of Mr India but he declined as he was into politics and was not doing many movies. Shekar Kapur wanted Anupam Kher to play the role of Mogambo but then switched to Amrish Puri as he wanted someone who looked scary.

Rajesh Khanna was offered the part of Mr. India but turned it down.

In the opening and quite a few scenes Mogambo's men making gestures "Hail Mogambo" quite a reminiscent of Nazi Power Salute.

This was the last film that the writing duo Salim-Javed wrote together. Although they had split much before in early 1980's, but they came back one last time to script this movie.

The film was also remade in Tamil as En Rathathin Rathame, starring K. Bhagyaraj in Kannada as Jai Karnataka, starring Ambareesh.

The film took its major inspiration from the world famous story of H. G. Wells, and the renowned writer, is known as the original creator of "The Invisible Man" concept in the world of literature.

In 1957, Nanabhai Bhatt made a movie with the title of "Mr. X" in which Ashok Kumar played the role of Mr. X and invisible man. This was the first Hindi movie to be made with a invisible man as the theme. Interestingly, Ashok Kumar who played the title role in the 1957 movie plays a supporting role as Professor Sinha in Mr. India.