Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur (TBA)

 ●  English ● Running Time: TBA

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This action drama film is directed by Guy Ritchie, starring Charlie Hunnam, Katie McGrath and Jude Law in the lead role.
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as Maid Maggie
as King Arthur
as Vortigern
as Baron 3
as Goosefat Bill
as Young Man
as Young Man / Fisherman
as Guinevere
as Low Rent
as Mage Kneeler
as Blue
as Londinium Merchant
as The Executioner
as Brothel Punter
as Knight Sounding Fanfare
as Pendragon Knight
as Harry
as Fighter
as King Arthur's Guard
as SPAC / Londinum Fighter
as Blackleg leader
as Brothel Punter
as Sir Bedivere
as Londinium Warrior
as Syren
as Uther Pendragon
as Ed
as Head Blackleg and Blackleg Sergeant
as Mage
as Pendragon Knight / Doorman
as Knight
as Mercenary
as Viking
as Merlin Wizard
as Elsa
as Wetstick
as Resistance
as Dan Clan Mafia
as Blackleg General Officer
as Slave Labourer
as Mage
as Black Legs Soldier / Archer
as Jack's Eye
as Kjartan
as Princess Catia
as Black Legs Soldier / Vortigern's Guard
as Back Lack
as Clan Head 1
as Counsellor to Vortigen
as Young Arthur
as Dan Clan Mafia
as Blackleg Knight
as Mercia
as Baron 1
as Mercenary
as Merchant Qadeer Abdul
as Dan Clan
as Lady in Waiting
as Merchant
as Londinium Fighter
as Chinese Tea Lady
Supporting Actor
as Nemesis
as Brothel Punter
as Pendragon Army
as Noble
as Dan Clan


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Screenplay Writer

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Still Photographer
Camera Operator


Sound Designer
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Casting Director
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Feature Film
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24 fps
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