Akeli Ladki (1999)

 ●  Malayalam ● Running Time: TBA

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Anuradha Mehta lives a poor lifestyle in a small town in Southern India with her widowed father. She would like to study in the city but is unable to travel alone. When Vimal Raj, their neighbor, offers to travel with her, her father permits her to do. While Vimal goes to look for employment, he leaves her with his prospective employer, who sexually molests her after drugging her cold-drink. When this news reaches her father, he kills himself, and a shocked Anuradha blames Vimal for her predicament. Alone, she is unable to fend for herself, and becomes a prostitute in a brothel. This is where one of the patrons, Kochukunju James befriends her, gets intimate with her, even offers to marry her, to which she agrees, and pays the brothel Madame a lot of money to release her. They go to live in his bungalow in the suburbs and get very intimate. Then things spiral out of control when James' friend, J.T., and his goons molest Anuradha, and when James comes to her rescue, they assault him, and he passes away thereafter. Anuradha finds out that James had named her his chief beneficiary and she stood to inherit a lot of money, including the bungalow. She goes to live over there and is looked after by the caretaker, Thomas. She meets with Brijbhushan Mishra, who lives a wealthy lifestyle, with his daughter, Pinky, and is considering separating from his estranged wife, Veena, who is now living with her parents. They become close friends, and Brijbhushan proposes marriage, which she accepts. Before the matter could proceed further, both Brijbhushan and she get two visitors - whose visit changes their lives forever.

Cast: Leena Nair, Pratap Chandra

Crew: IV Sasi (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1999 (India)

Malayalam Name: അകേലി ലട്കി

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